Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy Bday Murica

Well, Happy Bday America!!  Hope you're all having a good week and that you'll have a good 4th of July tmrw! ..  I'll be in Quito for the mission council soo hope there's something cool to celebrate there..  but yaa, it's been another week in the jungle, and it rained a lot!!  It was kinda tough but hey it wasn't hot!  That's a plus.

It's really cool to see people progress here.  We continue to have a lot of people coming to church and progressing towards baptism.  The Lopez Sanchez family are progressing really fast. They have now come 2 times, and one hna 3, and are reading and praying and really understanding!  Hoping to help them make it to their date this month! 22 de July.  We also have some other people progressing.  hna mayra and her son alexis also have a date for the same day 22 de July.  And they also have a lot of potential!  It's way cool to see people accept the message and apply it into their lives.. It really can change lives.   This Saturday, we're going to have a baptism.  hna Estefani overcame her little problem and passed her interview and is gonna get baptized!  I mean I didn't do much she was already ready when I got here.. we just taught like 2 lessons, but it's always cool to participate in baptisms..  Really special to see someone choose to make this covenant change.. This hna has made a lot of changes in her life.. She was an emo before, and dressed really immodestly, had a lot of piercings and a lot of other things, and now she has completely changed!  Really this gospel works miracles, and really I have seen the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ work in the lives of many people.  It's powerful.  Like Pres Packer once said, the Atonement leaves no scars what it fixes, simply fixes. I know that if we do our part, and really repent, try to make the necessary changes in our lives, our Saviors sacrifice will clean us.  Probably my favorite conference talk is the one from Elder Renlund, Oct 2016, repentance a joyful choice..  Read it, and take in account what he says. It's the truth!  Well that's a little spiritual thought for you guys!   Love you all, hope you all are having a good summer.  Also, thans for the bday wishes!  Gonna spend my day in a bus..  going to Quito, but hope there's something fun to do.. haha well love you guys.

cuidaranse vecis

Elder Jensen

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