Monday, April 24, 2017

Wow, 8 months out! full rapido en Serio

Que mas?! wow, 8 months out! full rapido en Serio

Well let's see what happened this week.. I had my first baptismal interview with an hma that some elders in my district are was an interesting experience, definitely cool.  Also we had a another baptism, but we were supposed to have 2.. Like I said last week I was pity picked to baptize the hma, but she shows up with her daughter who was also gonna be baptized and said elders we need to talk..  She told us that the night before she had been with family, and let's just say, she fell in a commandment a day before her baptism.. She said she felt really bad but that she had repented..  and we said well that's good, butttt you can't be baptized because it was a matter of hours.. so we talked with the zone leaders and they said the same thing..  So the daughter went through with her baptism and the hma, we don't know when we're gonna have the baptism..  We  were able to have the zone leaders over to help us share a lesson about the atonement of Jesus Christ and repentance with the hma, and it was really good.  We'll see how these next weeks go.. We'll baptize her as soon as we can, but she needs to prepare a little bit more..  But ya the hma baptism was cool.  And the next day she asked me to do the confirmation, which I've never done before, but it was cool!   Other that that, kind of a hard week tbh..   Not too receptive the people..  but a veces toca..  We'll see how this next week goes.. Last week in the change..  We'll see what happens..  I'm not going anywhere..  I don't think, but let's see what happens..  ya pues
se cuidarĂ¡n mis vecis, tengan una muy buena semana, con amor

Elder Jensen

Oh ya forgot to say, for Pday we went to a place called teleferico, it's like a gondola and we got s=to see like all of Quito up there.  Alli estan las fotos.  The two volcanoes are Cayambe (woohoo mi sector) and cotapaxi!! full chevere en serio.

Monday, April 17, 2017

I'm Alive! Sorry about last week.

Hello everyone, sorry for last, week, I completely forgot  to write.. I hopped on, read my emails, and then started to download music and  GC talks to my flash, then at the end of my hour, I realized there was no time..   but hey all is well here in Ofelia!

Let's see this week we had a baptism for an hma that we have... idk I feel kind of weird cause I didn't find her and only helped out at the end of her lessons, but she's really cool, she has a testimony and was super cool to see a ton of investigators at the service..  we've been having success here in this sector.. but again, it's mostly the people that I inherited in the change.. but a veces toca..  This week were gonna have 2 more baptisms.. (yes people before I came) and I got pity picked to baptize one of them.. haha  the daughter picked my comp, and the mom was quiet like what should I do now, I was about to say look I don't care if he baptizes both of you, but the daughter said, pick Elder Jensen, soo  I'm gonna do it..  They're cool too, hoping to have a lot of success this week in finding new investigators..   Also this next week I'm gonna have my first baptismal interview, so I'm excited for that!  Let's see this Sunday I gave a talk and it was free topic, soo I talked about the atonement of Jesus Christ..  We received a packet mas o menos from Pres Murphy this week about a study list of the atonement, and in it it had a talk from Pres Faust in 2001 called "The atonement our greatest hope"!   Great talk.. I was able to talk for like 15 min and the spirit was felt, well at least I felt it... but super cool to learn about this topic a little bit more this week.. for La Pascua, Easter, it was a normal day and week really.. we've been using these pass-a-long cards for the Easter Initiative Prince of Peace!  There's a cool video on about it, watch it!  But ya, cool week.

Well, the best news of the week right here.    Elder Christofferson came to our mission today!!!!  We got to shake his hand and listen to him speak Spanish  to us for like an hour, he speaks good Spanish!  But way cool, the Quito Missionaries came too , so there were a ton of missionaries here!! Everyone except the zones in the coast, the jungle and Colombia came to the meeting  so it was way cool..  It was way cool, because he described the process of picking a mission for each missionary.  to me its awesome to know that were chosen to these places by apostolic revelation, he told us there are no mistakes in this process..  we were picked to each place for a reason or paired up with a certain Mission President for a reason..  definitely strengthened my testimony.  After listening to him for like an hour the meeting finished.. another cool thing about today was that I got to see a ton of people from my MTC group!!  We took a pic together.  I haven't seen most of them since like November!!  Like 6 months!!  So that was awesome.  Really a great p-day.

Well that's about it for my week.. my Spanish is progressing a lot. I can understand basically everything and I can talk at least good enough to explain things..  working on the accent, but I've come a long ways, super proud of myself tbh, but ya, thanks for the emails, I'll be sure to write you every week from now on, last week was weird..


Elder Jensen

Elder Christofferson Mission Tour
April 2017

pics: a pic with Elder Baumgartner, who is in my group and in my district, as one of those peeping wizards you always here about (2 Nephi 18 intro), baptism from this week, my group at the meeting with Elder Christofferson, and my food that I cook, like everyday...

More Photo

Monday, April 3, 2017

Another Week in Cayambe... Oh Wait I'm Not In Cayambe Anymore!!

welp.. (yes I meant to say welp all of those times.. hahaha)

There goes another week in the mission, and I have to say it's pretty great! Especially conference this week!!!!!    It was super awesome, and I learned a lot of things!   We met in the stake center, and there was a gringo room!!!!   yep, gotta watch conference in English.  It was great!  There were a lot of great talks but some of the highlights were Elder Bednars talk in priesthood session and Elder Hales talk about being a disciple of Jesus Christ.. that one hit me hard, here in my mission, the mission scripture is 3 Nephi 5:13  which says " Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life."  That really hit home to me, because every meeting we have, we talk about being disciples of Jesus Christ. This scripture has become one of my favorites, and that talk really hit home!   

But ya other than conference, it's been a good week!  We've been working hard, and I'm still adjusting to this new assignment..  and the sector!!  Wow, this sector is interesting...   the flippin hills haha..  lets hope I get in really good shape.. and the cooking, still adjusting to that, basically it kind of sucks, but as my new adopted Spanish catch phrase says, a veces toca (sometimes it touches... haha)  

But ya this week, we passed by this new investigator who is super cool... well she's not new, I'm new, soo I'm saying she's new.. but ya, she's really cool!  She has been listening to the missionaries for a while now, and she has accepted baptismal dates but they have fallen..  so this last weeek she was like I want to be baptized but I don't want  to know the date..   cause I'm afraid it'll fall again..  soo we were like ummm idk if we can do that..  so we visited her the next time and we shared some great scriptures in 2 Nephi 32, and she was super receptive as usual, and we said we want to put a new date..  so we talked about the 15th of April.  she said that that day is vacation here, but she thought about it and decided she would rather be baptized then go on vacation so she accepted!! super awesome!  Really cool experience, and I'm glad to have a pilas investigator!!!    That's about it really. 

Just want to end by extending the same invitation that President Monson did, to read the Book of Mormon everyday!!  I know that it was more powerful coming from the prophet, but really it's something super important!!  Listen to his words, it was an inspired invitation to all of us.. the blessings will come and we will have that constant companion of the Holy Ghost if we do it!  

Welp, hope all of guys have a good week!  


Elder Jensen 

 well, I was going to send pictures, but when I plugged in my memory card to attach the pics, its erased all the pictures in my camera... wasn't expecting that.. not gonna lie, kind of ticked rn.. Ecadorian computer viruses  
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