Monday, July 31, 2017

First Week in a Trio

¿Que más ve?  Welp, it's been a week..  first week working in a trio..  not gonna lie, kind of interesting but also fun..  I think we have a good change ahead of us with a lot of potential to do some good.   
Well, Elder Gehring got in Wednesday in the morning, a little late but then we started the work.  Interesting working in 2 sectors.. we have to trade days off.. One day in my old sector, and the other day in Elder Molinas old sector.. bueno we know that were only gonna be like this for these 6 weeks, so we'll see what happens when changes come, but ya as for now, it's a lot of work to do. But ya, we're excited.  

Welp. This week, we had some cool experiences. We had a really good training conference with Pres Murphy in Lago Agrio with the Zone..  Excited to apply those things.. We talked about how to better prepare our investigators for baptism..  every month we change themes..  Starting with Finding, then Teaching, then Baptizing Converts.. So every 3 months we hit the same subject.. But we have different trainings and stuff.  Really that's all there is to missionary work.. Finding by faith and diligence, Teaching investigators the Gospel of Repentance, and Baptizing converts to establish the Church..  So that's our focus.. the coolest thing was this last month we put a hashtag down in the mission #3pormes  #3formonth.    It was awesome cause in the month of July we had the most baptisms we've had in the whole year that Pres Murphy has been here..  He's really turning this mission around and we're heading in a good direction.. 

But ya, we'll keep working hard here in coca, and we have some people with potential.. Pray for Diana Lopez, she's part of the family we baptized..  She had a lot of probs before, but now has decided to change and wants to follow her family into the waters of baptism.. That was  a huge miracle.,  so we'll be working with her a ton in these weeks..  ya, that's about it for my week. 

Enjoy the last couple days of summer break and then school.. haha, but ya,

Hope you're all doing well, entonces tengan una buena semana, y cuidense

Elder Jensen

no fotos.. porque me olvide...  a veces toca vecis
Photos from Ecuador Quito North Facebook Page
Zone Conference and Interviews in the Oriente
July 26, 2017


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