Monday, November 6, 2017

uds son cubanos?

Well this week has been a good one.  This Saturday we will have a baptism!!!!  That will be super awesome!  Hno Jose Cuvi is all ready and is super excited as well.  It's been a pretty good week tbh. We went to Quito for a meeting with the area 70's Elder Falabella.  He had some really good trainings for us and I learned a lot. I'm excited to apply them into my life and to become a better disciple of  Christ.  Ummm well not much to write. We got hit by some rain and then we got hit by the heat and ya just the same as every week. Que mas.  Welp I've enjoyed my time here in the Orient and hope I can make the most of these next 33 weeks here before I head out.. We'll see what the changes bring us.  This week we did a service in the flippin jungle planting trees.  Yes, we planted trees in the jungle, amongst the millions of trees that are already there..  And yes there were spines and yes there were bugs but hey it was a fun time..  Just one of the hottest days I've had out here haha.. But ya it was fun and we got some interesting fruit out of it.. some huge papayas and  cacao.  Also we got some guava I think it's called.. That's the white fuzzy fruit.  Not too bad.  But ya that's been my week.. Hoping for another busy week.

que tengan una buena semana
Elder Jensen

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Mission tour with Elder Falabella
November 2017



Monday, October 30, 2017


Hey fam, how's it goin?

I'm doing good like normal.  Crazzy that it's Halloween tomorrow.  Doesn't feel like it at all tbh, but ya.  The holiday season here in the great country of Ecuador isn't like the states at all..   They're already selling Christmas stuff in the stores here though which is kind of funny, a lil too early. Halloween isn't really celebrated here, some people have up some decorations, which is more than last year, cause in cayambe there was nothing.  November 2nd is like the day of the dead, but from what I remember from last year, its nothing like Mexico. I guess in this time of year they make colada morada which is pretty good.  I remember last year I didn't like it but I feel like all my taste buds have changed cause I even like beans now (so mom I'll probably like chili, but who knows).  There's not really anything I don't like now, all food is just good.  Maybe it's just the fact I've eaten the same food like everyday of my mission, but ya food is food.  

Bummer to hear about the dodgers. This Friday we left the house of an investigator at like 7:30 and right in front of the house the neighbor across the street was watching the world series..   I was like whhaaaattttttttt!!!!!   That was hard to leave from there, all I saw was it was like the top of the 3rd and the dodgers were down.  But ya that was the first time I've ever seen baseball in the mission, and even worse being the world series with the dodgers playing, not gonna lie I stayed there in the middle of the street watchin for like 10 minutes. but ya..   

Welp, what else has gone down this week, yesterday it rained like never before.  We finished a lesson and then the rain poured down sooo hard.  They wanted us to stay but we had another lesson on the other side of the city so we just ran out into the rain and got soaked completely!!   That was pretty fun though. usually I hate getting wet but that day I didn't mind.   We showed up to the appointment soaked, and of course it fell through.  Bummer.. that was a common theme this week, fallen citas.  But we were able to put another date down this week.  Alexis Garcia is his name, he's the son of a recent convert here in coca we had back in July..  He's only 10, but we want the family to be together in the church.  I think him being baptized will  help the mother out a lot as well so she can take more responsibility in going to church.

Today for pday we just hung out here in coca.. not much going on here.  We found a basketball court with a wooden floor and nets, probably the best one here in coca, and played there for a bit.  This week we'll all be goin to Quito for a meeting with a 70's Elder Falabella.  Should be fun.  Welp that's mah week, only a selfie with the gringos form my district,

Ya pues cuidaos hermanitos,  (hablando con vosotros...  no se porque?) 

Elder Jensen

Monday, October 23, 2017

La Cascada de Cara Chupa ( Suckface Falls)

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone has had a good week.  Welp, this week was a pretty good one.  We found quite  a few new investigators, and really I feel like it was a great start to the change.  We are excited for this change and should have a few baptisms here in el coca.  We have one investigator with a date for the 11th of November. Jose Cuvy.  I think I said something about him last week.   He's military and is progressing really well.  We'll see how things go this week.  We contacted a ton this week and found a few people with potential, but still its kind of hard to bring people to church.  But ya, all part of the mission.  Umm in a few weeks we'll be going to Quito for a training from one of the area 70's, so that should be cool.  Elder Fallabella. 

Well not much else to say..  Running out of time.. went to Suckface Falls today for pday..  La cascada de cara chupa

Welp, that's it for me today.. finally finished the BoM in Spanish that was sweet, time to start it all over again... 

Have a good week
Elder Jensen 

Monday, October 16, 2017


Well.. we received the changes Saturday night..  but the fact that I'm writing you guys right now means that I stayed!  Super stoked for one more change in the amazon jungle. I've come to love this place and the people here.  Excited to work hard and leave my legacy of 6 months here this change. My companion is still Elder Platt.  Basically no changes here in coca, only Elder Lalliss left.  That will be sad, got along really well with him and it's been a fun 3 changes here with him but he's goin to otavalo now!  We'll be receiving Elder Larsen here tonight at 11:30 at night.  He'll be with Elder Molina.  But ya, that's basically the news of the week.. 

It's been a crazy week ish.. I thought I was out so we spent a lot of it sayin bye to people but then I got the good news. So I'm here and excited to work hard!  Should be another fast change.  That was the fastest transfer of my life!  Dang, the time is just cruising.  But  I'm enjoying myself and loving the time here..  I think it's recently hitting me that I'm not gonna be here forever.  Before the time would just go really slow, but I know that before I know it I'll be heading back to the states.   So I'm trying to make the most of everyday.  We are working hard and are having a fun time.  

We now have an investigator with a baptismal date.  Hno Jose Cuvy for Nov 11.

He's really cool and is military! But ya fun week.. should be another good one.. 

Welp that's really it, hope everyone is doin good..    

(and Go Dodgers!!)

Elder Jensen

Monday, October 9, 2017

One More Week Til Transfers!

Wellllll, this has been the fastest transfer of my life.  super weird.  Started the week going to Quito.. again.  This time for the mission council..  that was cool.  Saw a lot of people that I haven't seen for a long time and said goodbye to a lot of people that will be finishing their missions soon.  But that's the mission.. We talked about  a lot of good things that really have inspired us as missionaries to be better.  As always, one of the themes was being a Disciple of Christ..  I like how in General Conference they talked a ton about that.  Really that's our goal in life to become disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ (3 Nephi 5:13). but ya that was a fun meeting.

But ya got back to the sector on Wednesday and we had a good few days of work!  We found 14 new investigators!!!!  That was super awesome!  We've been using the BoM.  It really is a great tool in this work.. before I was like, uhh I don't want to show them the BoM because they'll reject it, but really it's the opposite.. you can find the people who really are interested in the message by sharing it. There is power in the BoM, and that really has been a goal of mine in these last few weeks, to read and understand better the BoM.  Definitely have seen a lot of changes in my life through the book.. Read Pres. Nelson´s, Pres. Eyring´s, and Elder Callister´s talks on the BoM, they're great!

Fun week in the mish.  Well, we'll see what happens with the changes.. tbh, I'd like to stay, cause I feel like this next change will be a really successful one, but wherever I go I'll like it.  Well hope you all have a good week.

Here are some pics from the ride from Quito to coca, me with some hulk graffiti, and the Elders from my group at mish council..

Elder Jensen


Monday, October 2, 2017


Wow, super great weekend.  Learned a lot of great things and excited to put them into practice as a missionary.. Well this is going to be a fast one today since  have to travel to Quito again for mission council.  

But ya this week was fast.. left to Quito Thursday and came back to my sector Saturday before conference.  Then conference weekend and now I gotta go back.. Soo kind of a full week of stuff.. and not much time to work.. Hoping that when I get back, we'll have time to do some stuff in the work.  Time is flying ! The mission is awesome! 

I'll write more next week, but hope you guys were able to learn something from conference.. I especially liked what Pres Nelson and Pres Eyring said about the BoM.  I know that reading it daily, even for 5 min will be a blessing in your lives.  Don't forget!

Love you all, have a good week
Elder Jensen

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October 3, 2017

Monday, September 25, 2017

Como Estan?

Hwy everyone, como estan?

Well, it's been a  pretty decent week here this week.  We were able to participate in 2 baptisms this week in the district, my district is rocking it, we already have 4 for the month, beat the goal of 3 per month this month so that's awesome.  But ya that was a cool experience.  Elder Platt and I are working hard. Fun companionship.  Fun to have a gringo comp for like the first time in the mission. 

Welp, this week, we basically have been finding a lot.  Working on that, still no one with baptismal date, but pretty soon we should have some.. I can't decide if I want to stay one more transfer here or not.  We have a lot of people with potential that will probably get baptized next change, but we'll see.. I'll be fine either way... Even though the Orient is hot, I kind of like it .  It's a good place with a lot of nice people.. gonna miss it, but still got time here to work.  Nothing super crazy this week..  Just the usual.

Ummmmm ya.. this week we worked a lot with Diana who's progressing tons!  She could totally get baptized, but we're still hesitant because she's had problems with the Word of Wisdom, but ya she's been clean for more than 3 weeks.  Were gonna wait a lil longer to see what happens, but she is doing way better.  Please keep praying fro her.

Super excited for conference this weekend, should be a great one. We'll be inviting a ton of people here in Ecuador to watch it. I invite you to do the same.. just extend the invitation to someone, if they say no, well you tried..  The Lord will bless us as we open our mouths and invite others to come unto Christ. 

Well that's about it for this week.  In the week that comes we'll be having a zone conference with president murphy on Tuesday.  Also the new thing that they have started to do is that the assistants of President travel and do exchanges with the DLs so this week one is coming to coca to live with me and Elder Platt.. that should be fun.  Also, I'm now comin up on 1 year here in Ecuador so this Thursday I have to leave to Quito to renew my visa..  busy week, but should be a good one.

Well everyone have a good week.

Elder Jensen

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Zone Conference and Interview in the Oriente
September 26, 2017