Monday, April 3, 2017

Another Week in Cayambe... Oh Wait I'm Not In Cayambe Anymore!!

welp.. (yes I meant to say welp all of those times.. hahaha)

There goes another week in the mission, and I have to say it's pretty great! Especially conference this week!!!!!    It was super awesome, and I learned a lot of things!   We met in the stake center, and there was a gringo room!!!!   yep, gotta watch conference in English.  It was great!  There were a lot of great talks but some of the highlights were Elder Bednars talk in priesthood session and Elder Hales talk about being a disciple of Jesus Christ.. that one hit me hard, here in my mission, the mission scripture is 3 Nephi 5:13  which says " Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life."  That really hit home to me, because every meeting we have, we talk about being disciples of Jesus Christ. This scripture has become one of my favorites, and that talk really hit home!   

But ya other than conference, it's been a good week!  We've been working hard, and I'm still adjusting to this new assignment..  and the sector!!  Wow, this sector is interesting...   the flippin hills haha..  lets hope I get in really good shape.. and the cooking, still adjusting to that, basically it kind of sucks, but as my new adopted Spanish catch phrase says, a veces toca (sometimes it touches... haha)  

But ya this week, we passed by this new investigator who is super cool... well she's not new, I'm new, soo I'm saying she's new.. but ya, she's really cool!  She has been listening to the missionaries for a while now, and she has accepted baptismal dates but they have fallen..  so this last weeek she was like I want to be baptized but I don't want  to know the date..   cause I'm afraid it'll fall again..  soo we were like ummm idk if we can do that..  so we visited her the next time and we shared some great scriptures in 2 Nephi 32, and she was super receptive as usual, and we said we want to put a new date..  so we talked about the 15th of April.  she said that that day is vacation here, but she thought about it and decided she would rather be baptized then go on vacation so she accepted!! super awesome!  Really cool experience, and I'm glad to have a pilas investigator!!!    That's about it really. 

Just want to end by extending the same invitation that President Monson did, to read the Book of Mormon everyday!!  I know that it was more powerful coming from the prophet, but really it's something super important!!  Listen to his words, it was an inspired invitation to all of us.. the blessings will come and we will have that constant companion of the Holy Ghost if we do it!  

Welp, hope all of guys have a good week!  


Elder Jensen 

 well, I was going to send pictures, but when I plugged in my memory card to attach the pics, its erased all the pictures in my camera... wasn't expecting that.. not gonna lie, kind of ticked rn.. Ecadorian computer viruses  
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Leadership Council Training
April 4, 2017

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April 6, 2017


Monday, March 27, 2017

Emergency Changes!!

Hello every one, it's been an interesting week...  I'm not in Calderon anymore...  I got hit with emergency changes, soo now I'm in Ofelia..I was only there for 4 days..  when we got back home Thursday night, I received a call from the assistants to Pres Murphy.. they told me I would be changing the next morning to Ofelia, and that I would be district leader..In the district of the zone with the most missionaries too 8..  Not gonna lie, kind of an overwhelming week, but excited for the changes..   But I have to say, that other sector of 4 days was the bomb. We had some awesome members who gave us lunch, (super good food) and it was a really awesome ward, or at least from what I hear..  now I'm in a place called Cangahua...   it's all hills.. like we're sooo high up from the city, I can see everything.. I'll have to take some pics for next week..   but it's allll hills.. don't really understand why ppl live up here.. it kinda sucks to walk around, but hey it's pretty cool..   

My new companion is Elder Verduga, from Guayaquil Ecuador.. soo I'm making the rounds, haven't had a comp from the same country yet.  He has one change less than I do, so we're both pretty new, but also doesn't have much time in this sector either.. only one change.. it's super confusing with all the hills to find ppl and it's huge!!!   Also the thing that's tough is he's kind of sick with a colon problem.. he's been to the mission nurses a ton in these 5.5months here, and now they've told him there's not much else he can do.. if he keeps having probs,  he's gonna have to go one of the things that we have to do is cook at home for his diet.. The members can't give us food at all..  that was a huge bummer for me.. cause be honest, I don't really know anything.. and one of those things I don't know is how to cook..  sooo, chicken nuggets... haha but ya that kind of sucks..I don't have money rn, and we don't receive money til later this week.. we're supposed to receive more money because we have to buy all our food and cook every day, but it hasn't come yet..  idk, it'll be an interesting change 

But ya.. don't have much time here..  I've been here since Friday morning..  This Saturday my comp baptized one of his investigators. that was cool..  It's a ward here, but a small one.. barely a ward.. the chapel is the same layout as Cayambe, just a tiny  bit bigger..   idk, should be an interesting first full week here..  

ya well that's about it..  hope all of your weeks are goin great!   

Elder Jensen

also BaumG is in my district!!! there he is.. I think he photobombed the pic haha

Zone Conference in Calderon and Ophelia. 
Photos from the Ecuador Quito North Mission Facebook page
March 30, 2017

Monday, March 20, 2017

El Vergel!!

Welp, that was my last week in Cayambe!  rn, I'm in Quito, Calderon

My sector is el vergel.  My new comp is, yep you guessed it, Latino. Elder Paredes de Colombia.   Funny story sobre este man. His family is from Ipiales Colombia. Sooo when he started his mission, they were in a different mission, but now with the changes, his family lives within our mission boundaries..  interesting.. also his older brother was in Rama Cayambe, soo  I know that guy too..   He's just finished his training and I'm here as senior comp..  but I have no idea where anything is..   idk, Kind of weird to leave Elder Paz.. you get super accustomed to one comp then you leave.. this will be an interesting few changes I think..  butt ya, excited to see how it works in the mish in a ward! That's right, I'm in a ward, and from what I hear from other missionaries, it's one of the best in the mission this ward.. so that's pretty cool

welp let's see.. last week in Cayambe.  Not really any miracles.. we worked and we found some new investigators, but other than that it was normal..  We kind of went around and said goodbye to some people..  some of the members were pretty sad that I left..  Gonna miss that place too.. but ya.. gonna be some huge changes in Caymabe this change..  They sent sisters there!  Hma Larsen from my group is going there to train, and Elder Paz stays.. the only one left from the district, haha   Elder Vargas finished his mish and went home, Elder Crist went to Ibarra after one change and I'm here in Quito.. sooo feel bad for him a little, he was kind of sad..  but ya full changes in the mish.

welp I don't have much else to say...  ready to see how the work is here in Quito..  I've heard it's pretty tough here, but can't be much harder than Cayambe.

Thanks everyone, hope you all have a good week!

Con Amor

Elder Jensen

Turns out I can't spell anything butt I'm too lazy to fix it..  soooo ya chao.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Last Week in Cayambe!!

Welp, another week has passed in CAYAMBE!!!   On the home stretch, and ya mismo un nuevo sector!!!! Super excited, but I'm probably gonna miss Cayambe.  I've gotten really close to the members here, well the strong ones.  There's a ton that I still don't know cause well, they don't come..  but ya the pilas members I'm gonna miss... 

Let's see...  this week we worked on finding and encouraging the investigators that we have..  we did find some cool investigators but they didn't come to church.. the Rosero family also are losing their desires more and more..  I don't think we can pass by them much more, but idk.. well see how this week goes.. 3 investigators that we weren't expecting to come came, which was a miracle.. also hma maria and hma ana. Hma Maria is activating herself again which is super awesome!!  We can't visit her much cause she works now like every single day, but it makes me super happy when my converts come to church.  I think they'll play a big role here in the rama, Cayambe, because it has been a rama for 25 years, they have 6 months to change to a ward..  so there are some members who are super excited and are now working with the missionaries a lot more.. there's a lot of work to do!   But ya, it's been cool to be apart of the work here for like 6 months! 
Yep, but were gonna finish out this change strong!  Excited to see where I'll be going.. this time next week I'll be in a new sector, or traveling!!  (Lets hope the coast) but ya super pumped.. 

Today for pday we went to Cotacachi as 2 zones.  There's a gringo family from texas and they're super rich.. or maybe just like normal cause everything here is cheap, but they have an awesome house with attack dogs and stuff.. but ya we made pizza in a big pizza oven which was awesome.  Fun last pday in this zone!

Well I don't have much more to say, but excited for this next week!!   Love you guys and I'll talk to you all next week

Elder Jensen

pics, some comida fulllll rica!! and a parable that my comp wrote...  it's in Spanish but if you understand Spanish, you'll see that its.. stupid.. haha

Monday, March 6, 2017

Two More Weeks in Cayambe!!

Hello everyone, it's been another week in Cayambe... not much to report, cause it was kind of a sucky week.. 
First off carnaval!!  We were in the house to start the week like I said last time which was super boring..  but ya Wednesday we started to work normal!  
Yep basically this week was filled with a TON of fallen appointments..  Kind of ridiculous this week, probably one of the most unsuccessful weeks of my mission.  Kind of a bummer, but a veces toca. Gonna work hard this week to finish strong here in Cayambe.
 Update on the Rosero family.  They kind of fell. They don't really have desires anymore which was really disappointing!  We swung by one day and they were both saying, you tell them, no you tell them.. basically they think they're double sinning to be listening to us and to be part of the catholic religion.  They're really confused, but told us they really like it when we come and we teach the word of God. They have doubts about the B of M of course and a ton of other things, but we are still going to work with them. They haven't come to church as a family yet, only the wife, but ya mismo.  This week they said they can come and we are hoping for a miracle. I officially won't be able to baptize them if they come around, but ya I'm fine with it..  Just hoping and praying that some day, in the Lords time, they'll be baptized.  but ya that's really the week.
Pday was good.  Today we got permission to do exchanges so Elder Pas and Vargas went to Ibarra to play soccer and see some of e Vargas's converts and Elder Crist and I went to Quito to check out the office of the mission and stuff. Elder Crist was waiting for a package this whole time from his family so we stopped by to pick it up. We were talking with the assistants and the secretaries of the mission there, when Elder Mitillo came out, whose from Argentina, but speaks English mas o menos, came out and said that they already sent the package to Otavalo for Elder Crist so he was ticked haha, but he was like , are you Samuel Jensen? ya I said, well I have pouch for you... I was super surprised.. I got a few Christmas cards and a package from the primary (I think) with a bunch of pictures and letters!  super awesome!! Thanks for thinking about me, it made my day!! and of course I made fun of Elder Crist for not getting pouch when I did unexpectedly.. haha  thanks again everyone.. but ya after that we got invited to go eat with the assistants, the secretaries and President Murphy.  that was pretty cool!  but ya that's pday!!  One more here in Cayambe!!  Excited for a new look here in the mission but gonna finish strong!!
Talk to you all next week! 
Elder Jensen

oh ya, We made a gym in the house, and it kind of sucks, but something is something.. a pic of Quito too. and I saw a llama, sooo I took a pic.. nothin else haha


Monday, February 27, 2017

6 Months!!!

Hello everyone!!!  I'm officially 6 Months into my mission!!! Super fast!!
Well sounds like a fun week back home..  The mission calls are starting to come, exciting times!!  Congrats to the Skousen twins and to Bryson Murset on their calls, and excited to hear where the other guys are going!
Well out here in Cayambe it's been a normal week... except a little thing called Carnaval!  Yep, this doesn't exist in the states..  and it's pretty cool..  basically it's a huge water fight, that started at like the beginning of the month, but right now it's picking up!!  The last 3 days of the month are the biggest, and here, monday and tuesday are holidays, soo no school and no work..  ya, we're not allowed to leave the house for 3 days.. Only today, since it's pday we can leave to do the necessary things and write.. but ya, it's not even really big here in Vayambe..  Ppl are playin but it's not dangerous at all.. which kinda sucks, cause the carnaval rules for the missionaries is that we can only leave for set lessons and by taxi.. no buses.. so kinda lame.  This last Friday we had exchanges, so I was with Elder Crist, a gringo, and we're in their sector, the center of cayambe.. When school got out, there were 2 huge groups of students in their uniforms, like more than 200 ppl!!  It was like a rival school fight in the streets with water, paint, flour, and a bunch of other things.. We luckily were right by the branch presidents store so we ducked in there and hid, because they were getting everyone wet!!  Super cool..  but ya we're in for a long boring day tmrw..
Other than that a normal week ish..  The Rosero Family didn't come to church and we have 0 idea why.. We swung by their house before church and no one answered, tampoco contestaron the cell..  kinda a bummer in that regard. But ya a miracle! Hma Maria came to church finally!!  It's been like 5 weeks and I've been getting a lot of crap from Elder Paz that my convert was less active after being a member for like 2 months..  idk what happened, cause every time we passed by she wasn't there and she wasn't answering the cell. But ya I was super relieved that she came!!  She seems super excited again too..  
That's the week really..  half way done with the transfer, sooo ya mismo un nuevo sector!!  Woohoo ok well love you guys and hope you all have another great week!
Elder Jensen 


Monday, February 20, 2017

Time is Flying!

Hey everyone, another week out here in the great City of Cayambe!!!  Time still flying, and this week I hit 6 months.. I mean I guess that's pretty cool.
But ya another week has passed.. we've been working hard out here, and we have some super pilas investigators.. Por Fin!!!  The Rosero Family is our saving grace for this transfer.. we found them one night contacting..  well they're our neighbors..  our house has a little courtyard thing that we enter into before the door, and they live right on the other side of the wall.. soo ya we found them last Sunday, and they were super interested, and now they have listened to like 3 lessons, and the hma came to church with her 3 kids and niece and nephew!!  The husband was at work in the flower plantations.. but luckily this was his last week to work on Sunday for a long time..  They are all super excited and the hma had a great experience this Sunday.. They are planning to come next week, and have a baptismal date for the last Saturday of this change, 18 de marzo..  We're super excited for that and hoping for the best with them!!  The other hma, didn't come this week cause of the elections.  Ecuador has a new president, and the Sunday of the elections is a little crazy.. We could only meet for 1 hour, and everyone has to vote if they have a cedula..  But ya she went to like Ibarra to vote, cause they have assigned places to vote..    
But ya this next week should be good..  we're hoping for some baptisms!!  Other than that it has been a good week..  
Pday, kinda boring, we didn't have anything planned, so as a district, we went to Ibarra to get to know that place a little.. we didn't do much there..  but ya, after that we went to KFC, which is almost as good as the KFC in the states.. 
Nice to eat something kinda familiar.. not fast food really here.. only KFC and a few more things in Quito, but super expensive..  
Oh ya, this Saturday, Elder Pas and I cooked patacones, which is made from verde, a banana looking thing.. but ya it's super popular in the coast and it's pretty good.. a little tough to master the technique but ya still good.. I'll take some pics this week.. but ya, I screwed up the batido de piƱa..  I was adding sugar.. but it wasn't sugar, it was salt.. classic Sam move, but hey a veces toca.. haha
Gonna try again this week and master the crap out of it;)
Ya well that's my week!!  This change is moving fast!! I had an interview with President Murphy this week and he told me it's no surprise that I'll be changing sectors this change!!  That got me excited, ready for a change, but also gonna finish my work here over these next 3/4 weeks!!  He also told Elder Crist, another Elder in my district that other than Elder Jensen, Cayambe has had a lot of mediocre missionaries in the past like 6 months, so that was pretty cool I guess ;) haha
Ya well, talk to you all next week!!
Elder Jensen
Pictures from Zone Conference for Otavalo and Imbaya Zones
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