Monday, June 26, 2017

Working in the Jungle...Kind Of

Well, like I said last week, the jungle really isn't much jungle,.. or at least where I'm at..  It's a city.. and that's about it, ya it's in the middle of the jungle, but we're kind of far from that.  There's some big rivers surrounding the city which is pretty cool and on the other side you can kind of see the jungle.   But ya, that's how it is.. Welp it's been an interesting week, not too much has happened. President Murphy came to coca for like 3 days for the zone mtng and for the interviews of the branch, the mission is in charge of the branch here so he's like the stake president and has to come every once in a while for interviews.  But ya that was cool, he was here for 2 baptisms from my district.  We should be having some baptisms really soon we hope.. Basically there's 6 missionaries here, and 2 of them are going home in 4 weeks.  Hoping they finish strong.  Could be a really good district, but there's always room for improvement.  What else can I say,  ya here we have a lot of investigators attending every week. Yesterday, we had 14! Super receptive the people here! We have this one family who's progressing really well, and accepted a baptismal date for the 22nd of July.. Hoping they make it to that date. But ya, there's a lot of potential in this city. The chapel is a house chapel basically, it's pretty small, but officially there's like no room for all the people attending. There's like 135 regularly now, and that's like packed! Soo we need to do something about this and fast.  Well, it should be fun here these next few weeks. Well that's about it for my week, the heat isn't too bad right now, cause it's been raining a lot, and that cools things down, but it's like rainforest rain, which sucks. Super powerful! Hope all of you are having a good week! Left my camera at home, but I forgot to take pics anyway.. I'll be better about that.  Also we'll be changing houses here soon cause there's no ac in my house, and it's hot!
but ya cuidaranse vecis

Elder Jensen
Photos from the Ecuador Quito North Facebook Page
Zone Conference
June 20, 2017


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