Monday, July 17, 2017

Que Mas Ve

Hey everyone!

Well, there goes another week. I've said this before, but wow the mission is way fast..  Ya mismo un año!  Welp, this is the last of the change, and just say I'm excited..   not gonna go into details, butt hey ready for changes..  but ya, fun times in the orient!

Its been a way fast change here, and hey this week is gonna be awesome! 3 baptisms!!!!! 2 of the Lopez Sanchez family are gonna be baptized and hey that's actually just the best feeling ever, finding someone and starting with them and then seeing them make it to this goal! Alot of the baptisms that I've participated in have been people that have listened to missionaries long before me, and hey just gotta say its exciting! Cristian, the young 15 year old is super pilas!!! As they say here.. haha.. He's a really cool kid, with a lot of desires to learn.  He wants to be a missionary and really has been a good example to his family.  Gonna be a good week.  well, that's about it. 

Well like I said this week had been kind of rough, just with a lot of stuff..  And yesterday at church in the last hour, the elders quorum class had an inspired message.  Just what I needed to hear.. I came in like half way cause I had some things to do and as I walked in they handed me a little paper strip that said "olvidéte de ti mismo y ponte a trabajar" which means " forget yourself and get to work"  which is what Pres Hinckleys dad told him when he was on his mission I believe.  But hey, that just made me think.  Doesn't matter what's happening, a lot of things depends on me. What I've learned in the mish is that its not easy, life isn't easy either, but we can overcome our difficulties as we trust in God and do our part.  We can make it through any trial and we forget ourselves and work, or serve others , we're really just going to feel good and forget the troubles in our lives.  Soo that's my goal as I finish the week off..

Welp, thanks everyone for the emails, hope you all have a good week.

ya pues, cuidaránse vecinitos

Elder Jensen

fotos Welp, an investigator we have is military, so he took us to the choppers... haha and then me with Elder Molina, who is in my district again, on exchanges and on the big bridge of coca over the river.. 

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