Monday, January 30, 2017

Hermana Ana's Baptism

Hello friends and family!!
Well this change is almost over!  This week I find out my destiny, or at least for the next 6 weeks, of whether I stay in cayambe again, or leave!!  Excited to hear what happens!!

Sooo we had another baptism!!!!  My comp baptized Hma Ana this week which was really nice.  She's a really special convert and will play a big role in this rama, especially in this year as we change it into a barrio, or ward!!  She has a strong testimony and has desires to serve and participate in this branch!  and, this time we weren't slackers and got warm water for the baptism!!  and yes, without buckets this time too!!!  haha really awesome.

Other than that, it was a normal week in cayambe, or a little worse ..  we had 0 investigators come to church this week which was a bummer..  and also a ton of citas fell.. we didn't have too much luck in finding this week either..  at least the rain died down this week.. not too much which makes proselyting a whole lot easier!!  

Que mas..  my spanish is mas o menos rn..  idk, not really progressing this last week..  idk, gotta change some things in my study habits..  still have a long way to go, but its definately doable, just need to be more diligent..  

Rn I'm reading the BoM and el LdM.., that's right the same book, 2 languages..  almost done with it in english, and started it a few weeks ago in spanish..  reading a little bit of both each day!! I know this is going to help me a ton with spanish!!  but ya I'm learning a lot each day about the BoM in my studies and rally have developed a love for the scriptures..  I've found out the importance of a prayer before and after each study session!!  You really will learn a lot more and invite the spirit into your studying if you do this..  it's really such a blessing to do that and to help people discover that for themselves here in the mish!!  really am loving it out here!!

Well that's about it for the week.. today for pday we played paintball which was super fun!! Traveled to quito as a zone and played for like an hour mas o menos.. but yes super fun!! no pics of that but maybe next week I'll send some!!

que les vaya muy bien este semana!!

Elder Jensen

Cayambe District Elders

Monday, January 23, 2017

Another Week in the Mish!!!!

There goes another week in the mish...  it's flyin by seriously!!  Almost at 6 months, a quarter of my mish!!  Today marks 5 months.. each day goes by pretty fast, but ya there are definetely slow days, especially when my comp is.... himself, but it's cruisin!
This saturday, we will have another baptism!!!  Hermana ana passed her interview and is all set for this Saturday at 4pm!  Super excited for that, still don't know who's gonna baptize her so we'll swing by a few times this week to find that out and keep preppin her for that!  She really is a miracle that we were able to find her and that she's soo accepting of everything, a golden investigator for sure!!  Definitely a blessing for the hard work we've put forth in these months! 

Other than her, all our other investigators fell.. soo now we won't have anyone more baptisms for the 4th of February..  the last saturday of this transfer..  kinda a bummer but I will have 2 baptisms here in cayambe at the end of the transfer!  That's the thing here in the farmlands and the big city of the mish.. not too many baptisms.  

I think that I will leave this transfer because I've been here for 3, but we'll see..   I'm at the point where I'm ready to go, but at the same time if I stay I won't be mad..   but we'll see, 2 weeks left!

This week there was a TON of rain!! like every single day it rained.  except for yesterday..  the rain here isn't light rain either, it's usually a downpour!!  I'm now on my 3rd umbrella! one broke at the ccm, and the other broke this last week, so I bought another.. but that one is trash too.  basically broke the next day, but hey just part of the mish. I like to say that a lot don't I, but it's pretty true..  I'm gonna remember cayambe forever!

Today was another great pday! So each February in ecuador and also a bunch of other countries in S Amer, they have carnaval. basically it's like a bunch of water fights in the street, sometimes other things other than water 😬, and paint and a bunch of other stuff!  Soo we went to one of the chapelks in Otavalo and had a huge water balloon fight with paint, flour, foam spray, etc..  super fun, and super messy. I'll send some pics of that. Perfect day to do it too, cause there were 0 clouds in the sky, a pretty hot day. not arizona hot, but I think I got sunburned.... again!  Nice break and next week we have plans to go to quito as a zone to play paintball!! should be a fun week..  Well that's really it for the week..

A quick spiritual thought, I've been reading Jesus the Christ, and it's super awesome!!  Well idk if you can call this a spiritual thought, but hey it's super great.. If you haven't read it before, start it!  I'm learning a ton of things that I didn't really know before about my Savior. So really I guess it's a challenge..  

Ok thanks for reading this if you are and email me if you have time cause I'd love to hear from you all
Elder Jensen
oh ya, we had a branch activity this saturday, and a flippin dog came in the building and wouldn't leave! it kept tryin to bite us soo  we had to use a chair.. haha

Monday, January 16, 2017

Como Estan!!

Como Estan!!  It's been a good week, kinda a long one, but hey that's the mish..  not much really has happened a lot of walking.   we have  a few more investigators, but not a ton with potential..

We had quite a few investigators come to church yesterday which was cool, 5, but we passed by the house of the family of 4 that came basically dropped us in that lesson.. they don't really want to keep listening, but rn I'm just kinda confused..  they weren't that direct about it and it wasn't a complete, no more.. so we're going to swing by a few times this week to see what's goin on.. on the bright side, we are preppin for another baptism for the 28th of January.  hma ana is really excited and progressing a lot.. she met with missionaries like 2 years ago but couldn't get baptized because of her situation with her boyfriend, but now they're split up and still remembers like everything so were just prepping her for this date!! really excited for that!

We had multi zone conf with President Murphy this week!  There are a lot of changes in the mission!! a lot..  actually the whole entire world, the 12 apostles changed the daily schedule.. now we don't do like half of the studying each day and we are our own agents..  still wake up at 6:30, but don't have to on pday 😜 hahaha, but ya basically until 10 am, we just prep for the day and do our daily planning and hour of personal study..  and if we have pilas investigators we can leave before 10 to teach..  sometime in the day we have to do 30 min of comp study and 30 min of lang study, and then return home like normal at 9, or 9:30 if we're teaching a lesson.. at 9, we can go right to bed if we want, not a rule for that anymore.. I really like these changes and I think it's really opening up some opportunities to meet with some people that we couldn't before..  
also as a mission, we changed a lot of things.. our motto is "We find constantly with love and diligence, We teach repentance with power, and Baptize converts to establish the church..  in these last few weeks our finding efforts have skyrocketed and we have a lot of new investigators..  I think this year, 2017, will be a really good one for the Ecuador Quito North Mission, the greatest mish in the world... haha

Well that's about it for the week, hope it's going great for all of you guys!!

Elder Jensen
no time to send fotos..  next week!!
Photos from Ecuador Quito North Mission Facebook Page
Multi-Zone Conference for Otavalo and Imbaya Zones


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1ro Bautismo!

Ya so this week was the week, we had the baptism for hma Maria!!   Saturday was the big day!  Started out kinda funny..  We arrived at the church like 2 hours early to fill the font, and it was filling super slow..  after like an hour of it doing nothing, and knowing that people would start to come in like 30 min, we started to panic!  Soo we found a bucket and started to fill it up with cold water from this big tank in the ground outside..  Luckily, due to Ecuadorian time, everyone was late, and just in time for a 4 start time.. , I got to baptize her and that was something really cool.  after 3 months of hard work, we were blessed and got to be a part in helping someone join the fold of God..  Something I'll definately never forget...  other than that, the week was pretty normal..    We had a ton of rain this week!! like a ton!! Yesterday, we got super soaked, even though we had our umbrellas, but hey part of the day to day mission life! 
Today we wanted to play paintball as a zone, so we went to Ibarra, but turns out the place was closed and we couldn't play, so we went to Otavalo but turns out the place closed down a year ago..  so we went to the cascada peguche again.. I mean it's pretty cool, but it's the same every time..  but still fun..  after that we went to a burger place as a zone and I bought a massive burger!!   not much has happened..  adjusting to mission life a little more each day and excited to have be a part of another baptism.. hopefully soon!
Elder Jensen


Monday, January 2, 2017

Feliz Año Nuevo!!

Hello everyone!! Feliz Año nuevo!!!  2017!  Wow, my black year, the year I'm gone for, well the whole year, enero a diciembre!! Excited for this year and for this opportunity to serve!

Well, as I'm sure a lot of you all are doin, I'm makin some new year resolutions!
  1. I want to be a more obedient missionary..  
I feel like there are a lot of things that I'm doing really good on in my short time, but there is always room for improvement.. I know obedience is everything here in the mission and that success comes at its highest when we are obedient..  This change has been a little interesting..  my comp likes to work, and we've turned the numbers around for this sector in a week.. excited for this progress, but at the same time, he's not the most obedient missionary..  it's really easy to fall in to these temptations when you have a comp who doesn't feel like all the rules are super important..  soo my goal is to better myself and this companionship.. 
   2.  I want to read PmG (Preach my Gospel) everyday in my studies..  
As of now, I only read it a little bit.. I want to be a PmG missionary and utilize the great points that are found in this guide..  I know my teaching skills will improve, and I will be able to become closer to Christ..  There's a lot of great things in that book, so I want to read a few pages each day, and do the activities, cause I know this will definately help a lot..
  3.  I want to speak and understand this language better
Recently I've started to read the b of m (Book of Mormon)  in Spanish..  and its kinda hard..  like English, there's like old Spanish.. Which is a little hard for me to understand..  soo  really I just want to be more diligent in my hour of language study each day..
I hope you guys are all doin well and makin goals for this new year!  Like always, my challenge still stands to read the B of M each day in this year, especially you guys getting ready to leave on a mission this year :)  
Ya soo new years passed by this week and it was a little interesting..  interesting in that we did absolutely nothing new years eve..  left the house at 11, like always, lunch at like 12/12:30, and then back in the house all day at 3..   really boring..  I did buy these 2 masks made of like cardboard..  here every one makes muñecas, o viejas  like life size paper dolls to burn at midnight.. I saw some pretty cool ones this week, but the best was a huge huge king kong!!   idk how they do it, but these guys dedicated soo much time to this project!

Other news, Maria didn't get baptized..  her husband is kinda a chump..  and really controlling.. basically his work is in the jungle and is only home like 2 days every 2/3 weeks..  just so happened that these days were Friday, Saturday and Sunday..  soo he wouldn't let his wife leave, or us to come over and teach her.. we had a plan to baptize her Sunday morning before church, but he wouldn't let her..  she did come to church and told me lets plan the baptism this next Saturday cause her husband left like Sunday or maybe today..  soo preppin for Saturday!!! hope it all works out this time!!
My district is a little sad now.. without e sejas and e aliaga.. e molina is still here, but definately not as fun.. we'll see in these coming weeks.. e vargas seems pretty cool, e molinas new comp..  oh ya, everyone in my zone now is from Peru!! only one hma from Bolivia, and then 2 hmas from the states in there training, e purtill and I..  11 from Peru!!! flippin peruanos haha, nah it's good..  we've got a lot planned for this year as a mission!! Gonna be a successful year!
Well that's about it for this week!!  Thanks for all the emails and hope this year is a great one for all of you!
Elder Jensen