Monday, July 10, 2017


Hey everyone, how sit goin??

Welp, that was a nice fast week!  Really fast, but it's been good.  Well, what's happened..  well I got back from Quito and then we had a normal week..  

Mission council was cool. I learned a lot of good stuff that should help us to find more people and prepare them for baptism.  Fun day there. But also a little sad, cause I said bye to a lot of good friends that I've made here in the mission.. It's crazy how fast time has gone here..  Almost a year out, and wow, crazy to think about that.  Well, ya, fun week.  To top it off, we had a baptism here in coca, so that was really cool.  She's one that was basically ready when I got here, but fun to participate in that.. the family that I found my first week here, has come to church every single week!!  They're gonna be baptized the last week of this change, the 22nd of July.. They're super ready and its way awesome to see how the Lord prepares people and puts them in our way as missionaries.. Miracles in the work of the Lord happen.  Well that's about it for the week.

Today for pday, we went on a jungle excursion.. just the 6 missionaries here and a member who knows the jungle.. it was fun, we like walked in there with machetes and just walked like 2 hours deep into the jungle, and then found our way out after that!  Fun experience, ate some ants and some weird plants and stuff,.. It was like crazy bear grylls stuff.. haha but ya really fun time.

I'll send some pics of that, but ya, have a good week everyone,

cuidaránse vecinitos !

Elder Jensen

Photos from Ecuador Quito North Mission Facebook Page
Mission Council
July 4, 2017


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