Monday, July 24, 2017

Mega Baptism

Well, good last week of the changes.. first off, we had 4 baptisms this Saturday!   It was a miracle.. 2 of them had their interviews a few days late and one of the hna had to do a phone interview with president, but they all passed and it was a "mega baptism" as one hno in the branch said.. Awesome day really and all 4 of the people shared really great testimonies, I know they'll be strong members here in the church.. 

But ya, other than the baptisms the week is finally over and now we're starting the next change.  Should be a fun one.. my new comps.. yes I said comps  they are Elder Molina and Elder Gehring.. Well, Elder Molina was already here in the orient last change.. What happened was he was in the other sector and I was in my sector.. Both of our companions finished the mission and went home.. President has decided to morph the 2 sectors now for only 1  change, and we're receiving Elder Gehring.  (he was in my group, should be fun).  Welp, now we have a super huge sector..  But resident wants us to treat it like 2 separate sectors still..  Soo it'll be an interesting change.. Hoping to find a lot of new people and work hard..  Right now the investigator pool is real low..  Not many people with potential, but we'll see how this week goes..  ya, well that's my week..  Today just hanging with Elder Molina and waiting for Elder Gehring to arrive form the coast.. long trip!  Ya pues, have a great week everyone and enjoy the last of your summer break.. school ya mismo!

Elder Jensen

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