Monday, August 7, 2017


Hey Everyone
Well, it's been a good week here in coca..  We had a lot of success this week working in a trio in 2 sectors.. With 2 sectors we have a lot of responsibility,  but we've been using our time wisely and we found this week!  It's nice to have some companions with the same views, to work hard and find and all that..  Having a fun  time here and like always, time is flying by..  but, ya, the mission is really fun.

We've been working one day in my sector, and one day in the other sector...  This week, we found people almost everyday..  idk, its pretty cool to see how the Lord really extends his hand forth in this work.  He really is in charge of this work and miracles do exist.. We've been working hard with the Lopez Sanchez family and it's crazy to see how little by little they are progressing towards baptism.. They are such a great family.. We are working with Paulina, another daughter of Luisa who was baptized and is also the mom of cristhian, who has been listening and accepted a date for the 26 of August.. We are really hoping that she can make it to that date.. Also her sister and niece are listening to other missionaries in my district, and they also have a date for August 26.  It's way cool to see all of them making this decision to be baptized..

Well, really this week was just super busy and super hot at the same time.. the rain has stopped and now it's just super hot like AZ, but a little humid still.. lets just say its not that fun to walk around everyday in these conditions, but a veces toca.  Its good.. my companions are fun and we've been getting a long well..  We always work hard and at the same time have fun doing so, so the days are just flying.  But ya, that's about it for the week.. please pray for Paulina and Sylvia ..  Also, we've been using the talk from Elder Joaquin e Costa a lot to share with investigators..  If you are looking for something to share with a friend who may be interested in the church, show them this video, its a great talk and directed to investigators of the church.  Pray for ways to share the gospel this week, and the Lord will give them to you, I can promise you that!

Well thanks everyone for the emails, have a  good week!
Elder Jensen

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