Monday, January 2, 2017

Feliz Año Nuevo!!

Hello everyone!! Feliz Año nuevo!!!  2017!  Wow, my black year, the year I'm gone for, well the whole year, enero a diciembre!! Excited for this year and for this opportunity to serve!

Well, as I'm sure a lot of you all are doin, I'm makin some new year resolutions!
  1. I want to be a more obedient missionary..  
I feel like there are a lot of things that I'm doing really good on in my short time, but there is always room for improvement.. I know obedience is everything here in the mission and that success comes at its highest when we are obedient..  This change has been a little interesting..  my comp likes to work, and we've turned the numbers around for this sector in a week.. excited for this progress, but at the same time, he's not the most obedient missionary..  it's really easy to fall in to these temptations when you have a comp who doesn't feel like all the rules are super important..  soo my goal is to better myself and this companionship.. 
   2.  I want to read PmG (Preach my Gospel) everyday in my studies..  
As of now, I only read it a little bit.. I want to be a PmG missionary and utilize the great points that are found in this guide..  I know my teaching skills will improve, and I will be able to become closer to Christ..  There's a lot of great things in that book, so I want to read a few pages each day, and do the activities, cause I know this will definately help a lot..
  3.  I want to speak and understand this language better
Recently I've started to read the b of m (Book of Mormon)  in Spanish..  and its kinda hard..  like English, there's like old Spanish.. Which is a little hard for me to understand..  soo  really I just want to be more diligent in my hour of language study each day..
I hope you guys are all doin well and makin goals for this new year!  Like always, my challenge still stands to read the B of M each day in this year, especially you guys getting ready to leave on a mission this year :)  
Ya soo new years passed by this week and it was a little interesting..  interesting in that we did absolutely nothing new years eve..  left the house at 11, like always, lunch at like 12/12:30, and then back in the house all day at 3..   really boring..  I did buy these 2 masks made of like cardboard..  here every one makes muñecas, o viejas  like life size paper dolls to burn at midnight.. I saw some pretty cool ones this week, but the best was a huge huge king kong!!   idk how they do it, but these guys dedicated soo much time to this project!

Other news, Maria didn't get baptized..  her husband is kinda a chump..  and really controlling.. basically his work is in the jungle and is only home like 2 days every 2/3 weeks..  just so happened that these days were Friday, Saturday and Sunday..  soo he wouldn't let his wife leave, or us to come over and teach her.. we had a plan to baptize her Sunday morning before church, but he wouldn't let her..  she did come to church and told me lets plan the baptism this next Saturday cause her husband left like Sunday or maybe today..  soo preppin for Saturday!!! hope it all works out this time!!
My district is a little sad now.. without e sejas and e aliaga.. e molina is still here, but definately not as fun.. we'll see in these coming weeks.. e vargas seems pretty cool, e molinas new comp..  oh ya, everyone in my zone now is from Peru!! only one hma from Bolivia, and then 2 hmas from the states in there training, e purtill and I..  11 from Peru!!! flippin peruanos haha, nah it's good..  we've got a lot planned for this year as a mission!! Gonna be a successful year!
Well that's about it for this week!!  Thanks for all the emails and hope this year is a great one for all of you!
Elder Jensen

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