Monday, January 16, 2017

Como Estan!!

Como Estan!!  It's been a good week, kinda a long one, but hey that's the mish..  not much really has happened a lot of walking.   we have  a few more investigators, but not a ton with potential..

We had quite a few investigators come to church yesterday which was cool, 5, but we passed by the house of the family of 4 that came basically dropped us in that lesson.. they don't really want to keep listening, but rn I'm just kinda confused..  they weren't that direct about it and it wasn't a complete, no more.. so we're going to swing by a few times this week to see what's goin on.. on the bright side, we are preppin for another baptism for the 28th of January.  hma ana is really excited and progressing a lot.. she met with missionaries like 2 years ago but couldn't get baptized because of her situation with her boyfriend, but now they're split up and still remembers like everything so were just prepping her for this date!! really excited for that!

We had multi zone conf with President Murphy this week!  There are a lot of changes in the mission!! a lot..  actually the whole entire world, the 12 apostles changed the daily schedule.. now we don't do like half of the studying each day and we are our own agents..  still wake up at 6:30, but don't have to on pday 😜 hahaha, but ya basically until 10 am, we just prep for the day and do our daily planning and hour of personal study..  and if we have pilas investigators we can leave before 10 to teach..  sometime in the day we have to do 30 min of comp study and 30 min of lang study, and then return home like normal at 9, or 9:30 if we're teaching a lesson.. at 9, we can go right to bed if we want, not a rule for that anymore.. I really like these changes and I think it's really opening up some opportunities to meet with some people that we couldn't before..  
also as a mission, we changed a lot of things.. our motto is "We find constantly with love and diligence, We teach repentance with power, and Baptize converts to establish the church..  in these last few weeks our finding efforts have skyrocketed and we have a lot of new investigators..  I think this year, 2017, will be a really good one for the Ecuador Quito North Mission, the greatest mish in the world... haha

Well that's about it for the week, hope it's going great for all of you guys!!

Elder Jensen
no time to send fotos..  next week!!
Photos from Ecuador Quito North Mission Facebook Page
Multi-Zone Conference for Otavalo and Imbaya Zones


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