Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1ro Bautismo!

Ya so this week was the week, we had the baptism for hma Maria!!   Saturday was the big day!  Started out kinda funny..  We arrived at the church like 2 hours early to fill the font, and it was filling super slow..  after like an hour of it doing nothing, and knowing that people would start to come in like 30 min, we started to panic!  Soo we found a bucket and started to fill it up with cold water from this big tank in the ground outside..  Luckily, due to Ecuadorian time, everyone was late, and just in time for a 4 start time.. , I got to baptize her and that was something really cool.  after 3 months of hard work, we were blessed and got to be a part in helping someone join the fold of God..  Something I'll definately never forget...  other than that, the week was pretty normal..    We had a ton of rain this week!! like a ton!! Yesterday, we got super soaked, even though we had our umbrellas, but hey part of the day to day mission life! 
Today we wanted to play paintball as a zone, so we went to Ibarra, but turns out the place was closed and we couldn't play, so we went to Otavalo but turns out the place closed down a year ago..  so we went to the cascada peguche again.. I mean it's pretty cool, but it's the same every time..  but still fun..  after that we went to a burger place as a zone and I bought a massive burger!!   not much has happened..  adjusting to mission life a little more each day and excited to have be a part of another baptism.. hopefully soon!
Elder Jensen


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