Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Merry Christmas again everybody!! I hope it was a good one!

I had a pretty good one, filled with food, yes there was rice, and a nice video chat with my fam!!

Really nothing much happened this week.  Hma Maria did not get baptized this week which was a bummer, so we did not get a baptism in my first 12 weeks here.. but turns out I'm gonna stay here in cayambe for another change.  My new companion will be Elder Paz from Peru I think.  He's in the coast rn, in atacames where all the earthquakes are, and he'll be here tmrw because it's a 8-9 hour drive from the coast.   My companion, Elder Aliaga is going back to the coast again!!  So that means I will be here for the baptism of hma maria which I'm excited for! Lots of changes this time around.. Elder Molina in my district will stay another change which shocked us all!! He'll be here for 6 months after this! Elder Sejas is going to quito.. that's our district! it all starts tmrw!

Both Christmas and Christmas eve we had to be in the house at 5 at night unless we had a dinner and a taxi to take us home, so the first night we went over to Elder Molina y Sejas house for a Christmas eve party..  ohh ya it was a rager!  Lots of uno playing, and yes, 3 liters of coke..  crazy night here in the mish,, haha nah it was fun.. Christmas day we had an hour of church and I had to speak like last minute bc nobody showed up who was supposed to speak..  usually I prepare my talks in English, so I was nervous especially in new language..  but ya I kinda did really bad, and was really embarrassed and sad after.. but something kinda cool happened..  after the meeting finished, this hmo from another ward came up to me and started talking to me in English.. he is from a ward in Otavalo, and is a recent returned missionary, I think he served in Virginia, so basically he was saying to me he had a similar experience at the start of his mission and that he too was really embarrassed, but over time he got better and could speak English really good.. he said what I did say was understandable and that my accent is pretty good.. basically just don't worry about it and continue forward, and it'll come.. That really pumped me up and I decided to forget the experience..  I really felt the comfort of the holy ghost in that moment and felt just a reassurance that it'll all be ok and I'll figure it out over time..  Really hoping in this next change with Elder Paz, my Spanish will accelerate! Really cool little spiritual experience I had and now I'm just excited for this next change..  that's about it for this week!

My challenge, like I've said in the past, is to read the BoM for at least 5 min each day!!  Really I've begun to develop a love for the scriptures in these short 4 months!! Right now I've been reading the stories of Ammon and his brothers in the lands of the lamanites!  They're such great examples of how a missionary should be and that this work is possible!  The lord is on our side, and if are obedient we'll have success, he will work a marvelous work through us!

Ok thanks everyone for the well wishes, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year again! Hope it's a good one!

Elder Jensen




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