Monday, November 6, 2017

uds son cubanos?

Well this week has been a good one.  This Saturday we will have a baptism!!!!  That will be super awesome!  Hno Jose Cuvi is all ready and is super excited as well.  It's been a pretty good week tbh. We went to Quito for a meeting with the area 70's Elder Falabella.  He had some really good trainings for us and I learned a lot. I'm excited to apply them into my life and to become a better disciple of  Christ.  Ummm well not much to write. We got hit by some rain and then we got hit by the heat and ya just the same as every week. Que mas.  Welp I've enjoyed my time here in the Orient and hope I can make the most of these next 33 weeks here before I head out.. We'll see what the changes bring us.  This week we did a service in the flippin jungle planting trees.  Yes, we planted trees in the jungle, amongst the millions of trees that are already there..  And yes there were spines and yes there were bugs but hey it was a fun time..  Just one of the hottest days I've had out here haha.. But ya it was fun and we got some interesting fruit out of it.. some huge papayas and  cacao.  Also we got some guava I think it's called.. That's the white fuzzy fruit.  Not too bad.  But ya that's been my week.. Hoping for another busy week.

que tengan una buena semana
Elder Jensen

Photos from Ecuador Quito North Mission
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Mission tour with Elder Falabella
November 2017



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