Monday, October 30, 2017


Hey fam, how's it goin?

I'm doing good like normal.  Crazzy that it's Halloween tomorrow.  Doesn't feel like it at all tbh, but ya.  The holiday season here in the great country of Ecuador isn't like the states at all..   They're already selling Christmas stuff in the stores here though which is kind of funny, a lil too early. Halloween isn't really celebrated here, some people have up some decorations, which is more than last year, cause in cayambe there was nothing.  November 2nd is like the day of the dead, but from what I remember from last year, its nothing like Mexico. I guess in this time of year they make colada morada which is pretty good.  I remember last year I didn't like it but I feel like all my taste buds have changed cause I even like beans now (so mom I'll probably like chili, but who knows).  There's not really anything I don't like now, all food is just good.  Maybe it's just the fact I've eaten the same food like everyday of my mission, but ya food is food.  

Bummer to hear about the dodgers. This Friday we left the house of an investigator at like 7:30 and right in front of the house the neighbor across the street was watching the world series..   I was like whhaaaattttttttt!!!!!   That was hard to leave from there, all I saw was it was like the top of the 3rd and the dodgers were down.  But ya that was the first time I've ever seen baseball in the mission, and even worse being the world series with the dodgers playing, not gonna lie I stayed there in the middle of the street watchin for like 10 minutes. but ya..   

Welp, what else has gone down this week, yesterday it rained like never before.  We finished a lesson and then the rain poured down sooo hard.  They wanted us to stay but we had another lesson on the other side of the city so we just ran out into the rain and got soaked completely!!   That was pretty fun though. usually I hate getting wet but that day I didn't mind.   We showed up to the appointment soaked, and of course it fell through.  Bummer.. that was a common theme this week, fallen citas.  But we were able to put another date down this week.  Alexis Garcia is his name, he's the son of a recent convert here in coca we had back in July..  He's only 10, but we want the family to be together in the church.  I think him being baptized will  help the mother out a lot as well so she can take more responsibility in going to church.

Today for pday we just hung out here in coca.. not much going on here.  We found a basketball court with a wooden floor and nets, probably the best one here in coca, and played there for a bit.  This week we'll all be goin to Quito for a meeting with a 70's Elder Falabella.  Should be fun.  Welp that's mah week, only a selfie with the gringos form my district,

Ya pues cuidaos hermanitos,  (hablando con vosotros...  no se porque?) 

Elder Jensen

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