Monday, November 27, 2017

Orellana: EL Ultimo Paraiso

Hey everyone,

Well my time here in el Coca has come to an end! It's been super fun here and I've met a ton of great people but now I'm on to the next chapter of the mission. I received changes to a sector in Otavalo, full farm land!!!!  I'm going to be opening it and I will be training un nuevito!  I'm super excited for this!  Gonna be super fun and I feel super ready!  Buttttt in my new sector I'm going to be around tons of good ole indigenous Otavalan people, sooo quichua me va a tocar! Hope I can learn a little of that. But ya this will be a completely different experience than Cayambe.  Cayambe was like city, here is pure farm land. Soo I'll meet a lot of potatoes and pigs and not so many people.  But should be fun..

Sad to leave all of my great friends here in the rama orellana but the mission always continues to move.. My comp Elder Platt also has some unexpected changes and is going to Colombia again!  Soo 2 new missionaries are coming to open up my sector again, hope we left everything good for them. Oh ya and my good ole comp got that patada china! haha, We left for exchanges to Lago Agrio and when we got off the bus he's like, hey Elder do I have something in my eye, and it was suuuuuper red! kinda gross..   but ya, that's been fun..    

Thanksgiving was a good one, ish..  My comp woke up with pink eye in both eyes, when the night before it was just in the one and ya.. ate some rice and chorizo this time..  also went out with the elders to celebrate for a sec with some burgers..  Nothin like the states, but hey it was something.  So Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.. again.  Hope it was a good one!

After that, it was a normal week.. 

Sunday was spent saying bye to everyone! Really is hard to leave this place and the people.

Well I hope everyone can start prepping for the Light the World worldwide initiative.. Here in Otavalo it's gonna get lit...  get it, lit.. umm haha, but ya, I'm excited to work hard and serve people.. I know this will be an amazing Christmas Season!!

Love you all, have a good one

Elder Jensen

Ate some super good lasagna, better than the states. 
I ate soo much food on Sunday!
That's how people share here, with tons of food!

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