Monday, November 20, 2017

La Patada China?? (The Chinese Kick) y Happy Thanksgiving

Hey everyone

Welp, this has been a pretty interesting week, filled with cosas.  First off that chinese kick is in full swing here in the orient, it's an epidemic spreading called la patada china(the chinese kick) or as we know it back home, pink eye.  Never have seen something like this before, and its kind of gross, probably cause no one washes their hands here or idk, butt I haven't gotten it yet so we're good for now. but ya, fun.

Que mas, welp this week we got hit by a crazy storm!!!  Well it was at night luckily.  We were sleeping and at like midnight I heard this super loud thunder blast thing and my comp and I looked outside into what seemed world war 3.  The skies were like lit up constantly and the sound of the thunder was super close! Every 2 seconds it seemed a lighting bolt shot across the sky and the rain was crazy too..  That was pretty cool to see. Then the next night at like 10:30 the power went out in the whole city.  It was super dark, couldn't see like anything!  2 weird nights in a row.  

But ya this week was a pretty good one.  We found a lot of new investigators and ya we just worked hard.  Fun week.  We were going to have a baptism this Saturday but it'll have to be postponed because the kid didn't come to church with his mom.  Alexis the son of Mayra our recent convert didn't come.. actually neither of them did, which was super weird, so we couldn't announce a baptism and ya. But hopefully my comp will be able to get that done in the coming weeks.  Coca has done me good.  I'll miss it for sure and I'll definately have to come back to visit cause its the amazon jungle and I can't do anything cool here as a missionary with that.. but someday ;) Ya the work here has been fun,. ready for the cold. Hoping they send me to Ipiales, Colombia! We'll see this Saturday.

Well I hope all of you have a good Thanksgiving.  There's nothing like that here but I'll be imagining that turkey in my mind..  And probably will be eating chicken.. and rice, of course there isn't a meal without rice here in Ecuador, but ya.  I'm thankful for this gospel and for this opportunity to be sharing it as a missionary.  Even though there are challenges here, I really have been able to grow a deeper love for my Savior here.  Yo sé que vive mi Señor, y sé que él nos ama bastante! As we get closer to Christmas time once again we'll be ¨Lighting the World¨ with service, look for ways to serve others around you. Don't do it out of obligation but out of love. 

Love you guys and have a great thanksgiving!   

Cuidaránse vecinitos y comerán mucho pavo!

Elder Jensen

The missionaries here hosted a cool activity for the branch where we wrapped
Books of Mormon in wrapping paper to give out as gifts to friends. 
It was super cool.  Una idea no mas!

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