Monday, October 16, 2017


Well.. we received the changes Saturday night..  but the fact that I'm writing you guys right now means that I stayed!  Super stoked for one more change in the amazon jungle. I've come to love this place and the people here.  Excited to work hard and leave my legacy of 6 months here this change. My companion is still Elder Platt.  Basically no changes here in coca, only Elder Lalliss left.  That will be sad, got along really well with him and it's been a fun 3 changes here with him but he's goin to otavalo now!  We'll be receiving Elder Larsen here tonight at 11:30 at night.  He'll be with Elder Molina.  But ya, that's basically the news of the week.. 

It's been a crazy week ish.. I thought I was out so we spent a lot of it sayin bye to people but then I got the good news. So I'm here and excited to work hard!  Should be another fast change.  That was the fastest transfer of my life!  Dang, the time is just cruising.  But  I'm enjoying myself and loving the time here..  I think it's recently hitting me that I'm not gonna be here forever.  Before the time would just go really slow, but I know that before I know it I'll be heading back to the states.   So I'm trying to make the most of everyday.  We are working hard and are having a fun time.  

We now have an investigator with a baptismal date.  Hno Jose Cuvy for Nov 11.

He's really cool and is military! But ya fun week.. should be another good one.. 

Welp that's really it, hope everyone is doin good..    

(and Go Dodgers!!)

Elder Jensen

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