Monday, October 9, 2017

One More Week Til Transfers!

Wellllll, this has been the fastest transfer of my life.  super weird.  Started the week going to Quito.. again.  This time for the mission council..  that was cool.  Saw a lot of people that I haven't seen for a long time and said goodbye to a lot of people that will be finishing their missions soon.  But that's the mission.. We talked about  a lot of good things that really have inspired us as missionaries to be better.  As always, one of the themes was being a Disciple of Christ..  I like how in General Conference they talked a ton about that.  Really that's our goal in life to become disciples of our Savior Jesus Christ (3 Nephi 5:13). but ya that was a fun meeting.

But ya got back to the sector on Wednesday and we had a good few days of work!  We found 14 new investigators!!!!  That was super awesome!  We've been using the BoM.  It really is a great tool in this work.. before I was like, uhh I don't want to show them the BoM because they'll reject it, but really it's the opposite.. you can find the people who really are interested in the message by sharing it. There is power in the BoM, and that really has been a goal of mine in these last few weeks, to read and understand better the BoM.  Definitely have seen a lot of changes in my life through the book.. Read Pres. Nelson´s, Pres. Eyring´s, and Elder Callister´s talks on the BoM, they're great!

Fun week in the mish.  Well, we'll see what happens with the changes.. tbh, I'd like to stay, cause I feel like this next change will be a really successful one, but wherever I go I'll like it.  Well hope you all have a good week.

Here are some pics from the ride from Quito to coca, me with some hulk graffiti, and the Elders from my group at mish council..

Elder Jensen


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