Monday, September 25, 2017

Como Estan?

Hwy everyone, como estan?

Well, it's been a  pretty decent week here this week.  We were able to participate in 2 baptisms this week in the district, my district is rocking it, we already have 4 for the month, beat the goal of 3 per month this month so that's awesome.  But ya that was a cool experience.  Elder Platt and I are working hard. Fun companionship.  Fun to have a gringo comp for like the first time in the mission. 

Welp, this week, we basically have been finding a lot.  Working on that, still no one with baptismal date, but pretty soon we should have some.. I can't decide if I want to stay one more transfer here or not.  We have a lot of people with potential that will probably get baptized next change, but we'll see.. I'll be fine either way... Even though the Orient is hot, I kind of like it .  It's a good place with a lot of nice people.. gonna miss it, but still got time here to work.  Nothing super crazy this week..  Just the usual.

Ummmmm ya.. this week we worked a lot with Diana who's progressing tons!  She could totally get baptized, but we're still hesitant because she's had problems with the Word of Wisdom, but ya she's been clean for more than 3 weeks.  Were gonna wait a lil longer to see what happens, but she is doing way better.  Please keep praying fro her.

Super excited for conference this weekend, should be a great one. We'll be inviting a ton of people here in Ecuador to watch it. I invite you to do the same.. just extend the invitation to someone, if they say no, well you tried..  The Lord will bless us as we open our mouths and invite others to come unto Christ. 

Well that's about it for this week.  In the week that comes we'll be having a zone conference with president murphy on Tuesday.  Also the new thing that they have started to do is that the assistants of President travel and do exchanges with the DLs so this week one is coming to coca to live with me and Elder Platt.. that should be fun.  Also, I'm now comin up on 1 year here in Ecuador so this Thursday I have to leave to Quito to renew my visa..  busy week, but should be a good one.

Well everyone have a good week.

Elder Jensen

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September 26, 2017


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