Monday, September 18, 2017

Workin in the Jungle...

Hello Everyone

It's been a pretty good week here in the jungle of Ecuador, first full week working with Elder Platt from Utah. But ya, we've been working hard this week, in the rain and in the sun. Seriously, the jungle here has a mind of it's own.  You could wake up in the morning to a  ton of clouds and tons and tons of rain till the streets flood, then the afternoon comes and it's the super hot and humid, don't forget the humidity..  But ya, it's been fun here working.  and super fun with a gringo comp. 

Welp let's see what's been going on this week.  We've been basically starting over here in this sector, because we don't have many investigators with potential to progress.  We found a few people, but we'll see if this week we can find even more.  Umm we had a few great lessons this week with some recent converts, and ya really hoping to keep working with them.  Every month the Mission President sends out a hashtag for like a theme of the month and this month is Give Me This Mountain.. There's a talk by Pres Kimball from like 1979 where he referenced a story from the bible about a man named Caleb.. the story and the talk have been a like a study focus for me this week and I learned a lot.  I was also able to apply it a lot in this week in my teaching.  I've really seen the blessings that come when we face our challenges with faith and trust in the Lord.  When we can recognize that we can't do everything ourselves and that Lord plays a huge role in our success we will see blessings..  Humbly we can say, Give me this Mountain, and then we can work to get over that mountain with his help..  The grass is greener on the other side, and think how much better it will be if we use the gospel in our lives to get over that mountain..  I don't know, those were just a few thoughts I had this week as we applied this message in the lives of some of our investigators..  Read the talk if you guys want to when you  have time this week.   I'm sure you will like it as well..

But ya, it's been a pretty fast week.. I have a feeling that from here on out the mission is going to be really fast.. and  I'm not gonna lie, not ready for that..  

But ya, hope you guys all have a good week talk to you next week.

Elder Jensen

attached some pics of my wrecked shoes and the fixes that some random shoes shop made..  and ya the sun..  and my comp and I..  


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