Monday, September 4, 2017



The changes came,. and they are super crazy.. again..  so here is a little recap of the last one.

I was here with my companion, and he finished his mission, sot hey put me in a tri with Elder Molina and Elder Gehring..  We had 2 sectors. Elder Veliz and Elder Lalliss stayed together in their sector. 2 weeks later, they sent Elder Gehring away..

Soo it was us 4 here for a month in the district.

Saturday night we get the changes.. Elder Molina and I are still together.. but we are in a  trio again with Elder Lalliss this time.......  They are moving us to the other sector and my sector.. and the sector of Elder Molina is going to receive 2 sisters.. Soo basically for the first time in 6 years the Orient is getting sisters.. I now am going to be in all 3 of the sectors of coca, so let's just say I'll know coca pretty well..  We still have 2 sectors, so that's gonna  be fun again.. Spending half of the time in a week to cover 2 different places.. But hey that is all part of the mission.. challenges are everywhere. should be fun.. Elder Molina, Elder Lallisss and I get along well so it should be a fun change.  But ya the transfers have been crazy!  

Well this week was pretty normal. A hot week as normal, but we worked hard.. We found some new people and were helping some people progress more and more towards baptism.  We actually have one family from Elder Molina's sector who is really close.  They have a date for the 16th of September.  Its a dad and his daughter and they have made some serious progress!  They basically have all of the lessons and this week they will have their interviews..  So hoping everything goes well for them..  They are the Almeida family..  Also 2 people from the sector of Elder Lalliss will be getting baptized this Saturday..  They are part  of the Lopez Sanchez family that we baptized a month ago.. It is way cool to see this family finding the gospel together.  But ya, really these next few weeks will be interesting. Hoping we can find and work hard together.

Ya pues, that's the week.. also here's a little foto of a chinese otter eatin noodles..  
Elder Jensen

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