Monday, August 28, 2017

Officially one year!

welp...  its official. I've been in the mission for a year now.. haha

que rapido

Well, it was an interesting week this week.. we had 2 baptisms which was awesome!  That was a fun day . 

But ya, fun week.. last week for the changes so next well I'll be getting a new companion.. I feel like I'm going to stay here in the jungle for at least one more change, but who knows, I could be here for 6 months again like Cayambe.. we'll see how the changes go.. but ya this week we have been finding quite a few people.. everyday has been fun..  we have a lot of people with a lot of potential for baptism for these next few months!  It'll be fun to see what happens here.. 

I'm really excited for general conference. One more month left till that.  That'll be really awesome, and hoping we can bring a lot of investigators to that.

Well with Diana, we haven't really been able to meet with her much this week.. we had a really weird experience with her this week.. we were going to visit her and her family even though we didn't have an appointment with them, and as we were walking over there, we saw her in the street yelling at someone.. it was her ex boyfriend whose just a total chump.. he's a terrible guy who cant take no for an answer.  He had punched her right before we got there cause she doesn't want anything to do with him anymore..   so the cops came and we ended up going to the house and it was just a big scene.  the cops tried to put the dude in the car and he started to fight them.. finally he got in, and now they're gonna try to put like a restraining order on him..  crazy stuff..  after that incident, they don't answer the phone now, so we can't really get ahold of them.. well go visit them this week. 

but ya the mission is great!​

Love Elder Jensen

but ya not much to report on for the week.. burned a shirt this morning for my year.. 


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