Monday, August 14, 2017

And then there were 2...

Well interesting week this week.. Started out normal, then Wednesday night, we were at home relaxing getting ready for bed when the assistants called.. I immediately knew what was going to happen..  Changes..  yep, the trio has been destroyed..  They sent Elder Gehring to Quito.. Soo now it is me and Elder Molina no mas here in  coca..  2 sectors, 2 missionaries.. idk, kind of a bummer but sometimes it happens..  Not much we can do there.. Apparently a missionary in Otavalo, a zl, tore a tendon and they sent him home 3 weeks early for surgery.. He was going to finish at the end of this change, but he went a little early.. Soo to even that out, they called another missionary in Quito to be a ZL, and they sent Gehring there to cover that spot.. So now, it's just a normal companionship here .. But ya, that's the crazy thing of the week.. it was fun.  Well let's see what else has happened, wellllll,, we started a scouts programs here in coca..  yep, basically that doesn't really exist here in Ecuador.  So we started that as a way to involve the youth and have them bring friends.. We had a huge turn out, like 25 youth came.. We opened it up to boys and girls just to involve everyone..  Hoping we have another huge turn out for the next week.. but ya, that was pretty cool.. Really that's about it for the week.. It's just been super hot these last few days, but that's all part of missionary work..

Well, on the teaching side, we had a few interesting experiences this week.  Bueno, from the Lopez Sanchez family, there's a daughter named Diana.  She's 18, and she has a lot of challenges.  More than anything with the Word of Wisdom.  She's been into to drugs for a  long time and told us that she wanted help.. So we did.. We had 2 awesome lessons with her where she shared a lot of things with us and that she really has desires to change.. She was keeping the commitments and read everyday the BoM.. then after 3 days of bein clean, she fell, but fell hard.. She got back with some friends, and they invited her to do some really strong drugs..  The next day she came to church, but was really weird.  She talked a little with us and told us that we should give up on her.  That there iss no way we can change an addict. Idk, it's just kind of weird.  If you all could help by praying for her that would be appreciated.. Pray that she'll take the help that we're offering and that the members are offering and that she'll keep trying..  She's super awesome and could be a really good member and missionary, but she needs help.. We are going to start up the addiction 12 step program here in the branch..  Hopefully that will help.. But ya, thanks everyone for everything..  Hope you all have a good week..  take care

Elder Jensen

Goal- take pics..       I don't have any.. again, I'll be better next week! chao 

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