Monday, August 21, 2017

un añito.. casi

Well, can't believe the day has come.. almost.. but a year out in the mish..  super fast!  But ya, it's been a really fun year, with a lot of crazy cool things.. hoping that this next year will be even better!  
Well this week has been a good one.. working in 2 sectors is a little interesting, but we're doing ok..  hoping to finish off the change strong!  Finding a lot of people and preparing them for baptism!.. Speaking of baptisms, this Saturday we will have 2!  Yep, 2 investigators who have passed their interviews and ya, that'll be fun, I'll send pics of that this next week..  Que mas, well it's been kind of hot.. really hot, ya coming from the AZ kid, haha.  But we did see some miracles.. I was talking with my comp one of the really hot days when the appointments had fallen through, and we decided that a sacrifice would bring forth blessings.. so we prayed and worked.. and after a ton of rejections we found some new investigators!  Hoping to work with them a lot in these weeks! 
Well... THE SOLAR ECLIPSE!!!!  ya no..  you can't see anything where I'm at..  the clouds rolled in this morning and it's been raining almost all day.. soo won't be seeing that eclipse for another 100 years supposedly.. darn aveces toca.

Welp, that's about it for my week.. today for pday, we just played in the rain, and got soaked! fun stuff..   

Ya pues, finally got some fotos

made some jello with my comp last night.. let's just say we forgot about it and smelled something burning this morning.. all good.. nothing happened, just a nice burnt pot of jello..  well, have a good week everyone!
Elder Jensen

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