Monday, June 19, 2017

First Week in the Jungle!

Welp, that was a fun week.. Kind of long tbh, but hey success in the jungle!  Here the people are really receptive!  Awesome people!... Butttt no one is married, so that's the challenge here in the Orient, we gotta help them out a lot with that.. 

But wow, fun week.  We worked a lot!  Really long week tbh, and it doesn't help with the humidity, that just makes everything worse, but you get used to it.. little by little. 

We have a cool district, me and my companion Elder Perez from Bolivia.  Elder Lalliss is from California and his comp Elder Veliz from Chile.  Then Elder Molina from Peru and Elder Mitillo from Argentina.  2 of them are gonna finish this change, my comp and Elder Mitillo.  Hoping that they decide to finish strong and not just be lazy for their last month in the mission.. but ya, like I said it was a pretty successful week.  We found 18 new investigator!  A lot of them were futures that my comp contacted last week before I came, but we were able to have like 20 appointments! Here, whole families like to listen, so we find a lot of new people like that, but like I said it's a tough culture cause no one is married..  even worse than Quito and Cayambe.  But ya, it means we just have to work really hard and serve this people..

I think I'm gonna like this sector. I've now had my week to get used to the sector so we'll see how the next 4 or 5 weeks are.

I'll be better about taking pictures from now on, cause now there's things to take pictures of..  thanks everyone, enjoy your week.

Elder Jensen

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