Monday, June 5, 2017

How's It Goin?

Hey everyone, How's it going?  It's been a good week here in the work, and time is flying sooo fast.. each week feels like a day.. In the beginning I thought the mission was never going to end, and now it's just flying by...  It's awesome out here, hoping to finish the change out strong.

We have changes next Monday so we'll see what happens, probably gonna stay but who knows, weird things happen sometimes..

But let's see what's happened this week..  got a lot of new investigators and were working..  We had a really cool experience Friday.. We finished a lesson and were heading to the bus stop to go up top to the house to sleep..  At the bus stop was this guy from the coast that we had contacted before.  He was like hey when are you going to come to my house, cause last time we got super lost, and couldn't find it, so he took us to his house which was like way out there, in a sector we had never seen before..  We got to his house took out an appointment for another day and talked for a little bit when a taxi pulled up.. The man rolled down the window and yelled Elders!  So we went over and he and his wife told us that they had been looking for missionaries here in their sector for a while now and had never found them. They were praying to find us and had been going to church with the mans sister in the Quito mission really far away..  When they saw us they said that was an answer to their prayers.. We were able to get an appointment for Sunday.. When we went over with some members, they told us that they had a ton of problems, but when they saw us that was an answer.. We were able to help them a lot and the testimonies of the members helped a ton! Seriously all of you guys out there, accompany the missionaries every once in a while cause it helps a ton!  But ya that was a miracle en serio.. it's cool to see how God puts people in our way to help us to find other people in need.  

 But ya that's the mission..  cool week, and boring pday..  Didn't do anything really.  Just played soccer and football at our chapel with the elders in my district cause no one did anything in the zone.. and next week will be the same probably cause changes butt ya..  ate Mcdonalds for the first time in 9 months..  That's about all the excitement of my day

Hoping to finish strong here..  well thanks for everything, and enjoy your summer! 

 cuidaranse vecis

Elder Jensen
no fotos...   slacked this week, but I'll take some this week! 



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