Monday, May 29, 2017

9 months!

Wow time is flying!!!!  Already summer break.. but not for me haha..  normal week here in Ecuador, not much has happened, living the life as usual.  

Well what's happened.  Work as usual, it wasn't a week super tuca, but we did find a few people, and we were able to put a baptismal date for the guy that's gone to church for like a year..  it's still 2 months away, he wanted to be baptized on like his year anniversary of investigating the church, so whatever, hoping he sticks with it..  We also put down a marriage date for 2 investigators that we have for the 8th of July, so hoping we can get everything worked out for that.  But ya the work is good and I'm loving the mish right now..  2 more weeks left of the change which will be awesome, ready for some changes..  But hoping to finish strong here.. Why am I talking like I'm leaving.. probably not gonna leave here but hey I like the sector, and way pumped to eat with the members again and not in my house everyday!  Well that's my weeks tbh, not much has happened.. on Tuesday at district meeting, Elder Palmer is in my group so we celebrated 9 months.. oh and also Elder Alvarados bday.. haha.  It was funny I bought a little cake and hid it, and at the end of the meeting, I pulled it out to eat and was  like, well everyone, today is a special day.. today Elder Palmer completed 9 months of his mission!!! and so did I!!   Oh ya and it's Elder Alvarados bday.. haha it was funny, but hey así pasa.. yep, that's about it..

Today we played American football with the Calderon zone and our zone.. a ton of missionaries, it was pretty fun.  Probably got super burned cause I never put on sunscreen, but hey I'll just come back with some wrecked skin..  

Oh ya something cool from this week is that we had the challenge to memorize the Living Christ before a meeting we have with a 70's in June, but I tried to finish it before the zone meeting we had with President this Thursday and I was the only one with it completely memorized.. It was tough but it was a cool experience.. I did it in Spanish, and well tis cool cause I'm not just memorizing the words, but focusing and understanding them.. it was a really cool, spiritual experience.. a lot of the general authorities from this last general  conference talked about this document, read it, cause it's a good one!

Well thanks for everything, and hope you all had a good memorial day.


Elder Jensen


oh ya, and completed 9 months, so I took a pic..  enjoy! haha
Photos from the Ecuador Quito North Mission
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Bi-Zone Conference with Calderon and Ophelia
May 27, 2017


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