Monday, May 1, 2017


and I didn;t move.... Neither did my companion, but bueno bien esta, I'll be cooking my food for another 6 weeks.

Well hope you guys all had a good week, cause mine wasn't that great.. kind of a tough one but asi pasa a veces..  Yep like I said we had changes the other day, and I lost like half of my district..  Elder Baumgartner, Elder Harrison, and the 2 sister leaders all left..  Kind of a bummer cause it was a cool district but this next change could be fun too..  Elder Palmer from my group is taking over Elder Baumgartners place so he'll be in my ward with me!!  Cool beans.   We're also receiving Elder Andrus, who I don't know yet, but he's also one group behind me..  Then another hma is gonna come and train and open the sector...  idk, should be fun. 

For the week, not much to report..  just kind of a bad one.. Sometimes it happens.. We're working but just didn't see the results this week as a district..  So we are hoping to start fresh this change and be more diligent..  we can always be more diligent in this work.  So if we can make those changes, it should be a good week.  What else, idk just kind of a stressful week..   

Today were the changes, and that's about it, we went to eat at the mall thing with a lot of the new missionaries here which was fun.. Talked with Elder Palmer..  He told my ccm comp Elder Haslam is training this change!  Which is super awesome!   My trainer who was in  this zone got changed to Caladeron,(my zone of 4 days) as a zone leader..   way cool!  Full changes!  haha full is a word here..  like a lot, but its totally English..   pretty sure it's only Ecuador...  haha

Welp that's it, there's the week of you favorite Ecuadork, haha

hope you all have a good week

Elder Jensen


no fotos this week..   I'll take some this next week

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