Monday, May 8, 2017

Another week in the mish!

Wow, another week in the mish..  it's been an ok one..  Not sure what to saa really..  We've been working hard, and haven't seen much success this week..  We've been contacting a lot butttt haven't had much success like I said but that's how the mish goes sometimes.. 

The new district is pretty cool..  Elder Palmer is here and the other new Elder is Elder Andrus.. he is one change behind me and is from AZ also which is pretty cool, from the Westside he told me..  the new hmas are hma Sindel from St Louis and hma Pfocco from Peru, she in her first week..  ya its a pretty cool district. 

 Bueno this week we're gonna have baptism for hma Maria who fell right before her last date, but she's super excited for it and super ready.  The hma Maria from Elder Alvarado and Palmer, who are in my Ward here, are also gonna baptize an hma Maria too.  And another hma Maria from Elder Andrus and Guachalla is gonna be baptized this Saturday too!  3 Marias haha..  but ya we're excited for this!  

Welp that's my week, today for pday we went to the middle of the earth monument in Quito as a zone..  Pretty cool,  got a lot of photos there..  not too shabby of a day..  Well not much else to say..   Super excited for this week to talk with the fam, the mish is cruising!!!  Already have almost 9 months out here.  But ya, wanted to say Happy Mothers Day to everyone out there.. Hope you all have a good week.


Elder Jensen


fotos:  a lot...     del Mitad del Mundo..  also a super apostasy foto of Jesús at his baptism..  had a to take a pic of that hahaha

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