Monday, May 22, 2017

9 months ya mismo

Wow!!!   Time flies..  mña I'm gonna have 9 months in the mission field..  it's legit.  Turns out the mission is pretty cool..  but ya it's been an ok week, not much to report tbh.. We worked hard, but didn't find too many new investigators, but hey sometimes it touches.. This week we'll be working hard again to do that..  Que mas, well with the investigators we have, not many are progressing to fast..  there's one hmo who's been coming to church for like a year and doesn't want to commit to baptism yet, he's sooo close!!!  I straight up told him, hey you are more active in this church than like 50% of the members, soo  you need to be baptized, you're already like a member and I'm pretty sure a bunch of the members think that you are.. haha  But ya no one with a baptismal date, hoping to fechar en esta sma, ..  but ya normal week tbh..  Something cool that I learned in my scripture study this week was in Mosiah 23 y 24 I think..  it's about the people of Alma in Helam I think, no me recuerdo muy bien, but  basically even though they were really righteous, it says that the lord saw it fit to chastise them to see their faith and patience.. soo they had a ton of problems, but through their faith and patience, they were freed from captivity..  I have a general conference talk from Elder Christofferoson that I like a lot, and it's about chastisement from the lord (not much helpI am cause I don't remember what it's called but I think it's from 2012)..  We can be doing the things right in this life, but we're still going to have challenges, some really big challenges sometimes, but I think it's like it says in the scriptures, sometimes they come from the lord to strengthen us.. Gods plan is perfect, and part of that plan is the Saviors sacrifice in gethsemane, because  he knows us perfectly, he suffered for these challenges and pains that we have, so we just need to keep pushing forward through these challenges, and we'll come out on top and most importantly with a stronger testimony..  But ya that's a lil pensamiento espiritual that I wanted to share...  That came in handy a lot this week with a recent convert we were able to teach this week, who has a ton of problems right now.. but ya welp, that's my week (that would've been way easier to write in Spanish)

 Today for pday was pretty fun..  we went to another mall thing to bowl and play pool which was fun, haven't done that in a long time!  Nice relaxing pday.. It's cool to see parts of Ecuador, but sometimes the best pdays are just relaxing ones like this.. After that we went to a  park to play sports.. and I bought a football today.. no not a soccer ball, an American football and we played football today, it was way fun, cause hey, the gringos like wrecked.. hahah nah it was cool the Latinos wanted to learn to play, so we taught them and played a bit.. fun day.  Well ya that's about it, thanks everyone for the emails and hope you're all having a good week. 

cuidaránse mis vecis haha

Elder Jensen
playin pool, and teeter totter w elder palmer last week.. haha

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