Monday, March 6, 2017

Two More Weeks in Cayambe!!

Hello everyone, it's been another week in Cayambe... not much to report, cause it was kind of a sucky week.. 
First off carnaval!!  We were in the house to start the week like I said last time which was super boring..  but ya Wednesday we started to work normal!  
Yep basically this week was filled with a TON of fallen appointments..  Kind of ridiculous this week, probably one of the most unsuccessful weeks of my mission.  Kind of a bummer, but a veces toca. Gonna work hard this week to finish strong here in Cayambe.
 Update on the Rosero family.  They kind of fell. They don't really have desires anymore which was really disappointing!  We swung by one day and they were both saying, you tell them, no you tell them.. basically they think they're double sinning to be listening to us and to be part of the catholic religion.  They're really confused, but told us they really like it when we come and we teach the word of God. They have doubts about the B of M of course and a ton of other things, but we are still going to work with them. They haven't come to church as a family yet, only the wife, but ya mismo.  This week they said they can come and we are hoping for a miracle. I officially won't be able to baptize them if they come around, but ya I'm fine with it..  Just hoping and praying that some day, in the Lords time, they'll be baptized.  but ya that's really the week.
Pday was good.  Today we got permission to do exchanges so Elder Pas and Vargas went to Ibarra to play soccer and see some of e Vargas's converts and Elder Crist and I went to Quito to check out the office of the mission and stuff. Elder Crist was waiting for a package this whole time from his family so we stopped by to pick it up. We were talking with the assistants and the secretaries of the mission there, when Elder Mitillo came out, whose from Argentina, but speaks English mas o menos, came out and said that they already sent the package to Otavalo for Elder Crist so he was ticked haha, but he was like , are you Samuel Jensen? ya I said, well I have pouch for you... I was super surprised.. I got a few Christmas cards and a package from the primary (I think) with a bunch of pictures and letters!  super awesome!! Thanks for thinking about me, it made my day!! and of course I made fun of Elder Crist for not getting pouch when I did unexpectedly.. haha  thanks again everyone.. but ya after that we got invited to go eat with the assistants, the secretaries and President Murphy.  that was pretty cool!  but ya that's pday!!  One more here in Cayambe!!  Excited for a new look here in the mission but gonna finish strong!!
Talk to you all next week! 
Elder Jensen

oh ya, We made a gym in the house, and it kind of sucks, but something is something.. a pic of Quito too. and I saw a llama, sooo I took a pic.. nothin else haha


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