Monday, March 27, 2017

Emergency Changes!!

Hello every one, it's been an interesting week...  I'm not in Calderon anymore...  I got hit with emergency changes, soo now I'm in Ofelia..I was only there for 4 days..  when we got back home Thursday night, I received a call from the assistants to Pres Murphy.. they told me I would be changing the next morning to Ofelia, and that I would be district leader..In the district of the zone with the most missionaries too 8..  Not gonna lie, kind of an overwhelming week, but excited for the changes..   But I have to say, that other sector of 4 days was the bomb. We had some awesome members who gave us lunch, (super good food) and it was a really awesome ward, or at least from what I hear..  now I'm in a place called Cangahua...   it's all hills.. like we're sooo high up from the city, I can see everything.. I'll have to take some pics for next week..   but it's allll hills.. don't really understand why ppl live up here.. it kinda sucks to walk around, but hey it's pretty cool..   

My new companion is Elder Verduga, from Guayaquil Ecuador.. soo I'm making the rounds, haven't had a comp from the same country yet.  He has one change less than I do, so we're both pretty new, but also doesn't have much time in this sector either.. only one change.. it's super confusing with all the hills to find ppl and it's huge!!!   Also the thing that's tough is he's kind of sick with a colon problem.. he's been to the mission nurses a ton in these 5.5months here, and now they've told him there's not much else he can do.. if he keeps having probs,  he's gonna have to go one of the things that we have to do is cook at home for his diet.. The members can't give us food at all..  that was a huge bummer for me.. cause be honest, I don't really know anything.. and one of those things I don't know is how to cook..  sooo, chicken nuggets... haha but ya that kind of sucks..I don't have money rn, and we don't receive money til later this week.. we're supposed to receive more money because we have to buy all our food and cook every day, but it hasn't come yet..  idk, it'll be an interesting change 

But ya.. don't have much time here..  I've been here since Friday morning..  This Saturday my comp baptized one of his investigators. that was cool..  It's a ward here, but a small one.. barely a ward.. the chapel is the same layout as Cayambe, just a tiny  bit bigger..   idk, should be an interesting first full week here..  

ya well that's about it..  hope all of your weeks are goin great!   

Elder Jensen

also BaumG is in my district!!! there he is.. I think he photobombed the pic haha

Zone Conference in Calderon and Ophelia. 
Photos from the Ecuador Quito North Mission Facebook page
March 30, 2017

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