Monday, February 27, 2017

6 Months!!!

Hello everyone!!!  I'm officially 6 Months into my mission!!! Super fast!!
Well sounds like a fun week back home..  The mission calls are starting to come, exciting times!!  Congrats to the Skousen twins and to Bryson Murset on their calls, and excited to hear where the other guys are going!
Well out here in Cayambe it's been a normal week... except a little thing called Carnaval!  Yep, this doesn't exist in the states..  and it's pretty cool..  basically it's a huge water fight, that started at like the beginning of the month, but right now it's picking up!!  The last 3 days of the month are the biggest, and here, monday and tuesday are holidays, soo no school and no work..  ya, we're not allowed to leave the house for 3 days.. Only today, since it's pday we can leave to do the necessary things and write.. but ya, it's not even really big here in Vayambe..  Ppl are playin but it's not dangerous at all.. which kinda sucks, cause the carnaval rules for the missionaries is that we can only leave for set lessons and by taxi.. no buses.. so kinda lame.  This last Friday we had exchanges, so I was with Elder Crist, a gringo, and we're in their sector, the center of cayambe.. When school got out, there were 2 huge groups of students in their uniforms, like more than 200 ppl!!  It was like a rival school fight in the streets with water, paint, flour, and a bunch of other things.. We luckily were right by the branch presidents store so we ducked in there and hid, because they were getting everyone wet!!  Super cool..  but ya we're in for a long boring day tmrw..
Other than that a normal week ish..  The Rosero Family didn't come to church and we have 0 idea why.. We swung by their house before church and no one answered, tampoco contestaron the cell..  kinda a bummer in that regard. But ya a miracle! Hma Maria came to church finally!!  It's been like 5 weeks and I've been getting a lot of crap from Elder Paz that my convert was less active after being a member for like 2 months..  idk what happened, cause every time we passed by she wasn't there and she wasn't answering the cell. But ya I was super relieved that she came!!  She seems super excited again too..  
That's the week really..  half way done with the transfer, sooo ya mismo un nuevo sector!!  Woohoo ok well love you guys and hope you all have another great week!
Elder Jensen 


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