Monday, March 13, 2017

Last Week in Cayambe!!

Welp, another week has passed in CAYAMBE!!!   On the home stretch, and ya mismo un nuevo sector!!!! Super excited, but I'm probably gonna miss Cayambe.  I've gotten really close to the members here, well the strong ones.  There's a ton that I still don't know cause well, they don't come..  but ya the pilas members I'm gonna miss... 

Let's see...  this week we worked on finding and encouraging the investigators that we have..  we did find some cool investigators but they didn't come to church.. the Rosero family also are losing their desires more and more..  I don't think we can pass by them much more, but idk.. well see how this week goes.. 3 investigators that we weren't expecting to come came, which was a miracle.. also hma maria and hma ana. Hma Maria is activating herself again which is super awesome!!  We can't visit her much cause she works now like every single day, but it makes me super happy when my converts come to church.  I think they'll play a big role here in the rama, Cayambe, because it has been a rama for 25 years, they have 6 months to change to a ward..  so there are some members who are super excited and are now working with the missionaries a lot more.. there's a lot of work to do!   But ya, it's been cool to be apart of the work here for like 6 months! 
Yep, but were gonna finish out this change strong!  Excited to see where I'll be going.. this time next week I'll be in a new sector, or traveling!!  (Lets hope the coast) but ya super pumped.. 

Today for pday we went to Cotacachi as 2 zones.  There's a gringo family from texas and they're super rich.. or maybe just like normal cause everything here is cheap, but they have an awesome house with attack dogs and stuff.. but ya we made pizza in a big pizza oven which was awesome.  Fun last pday in this zone!

Well I don't have much more to say, but excited for this next week!!   Love you guys and I'll talk to you all next week

Elder Jensen

pics, some comida fulllll rica!! and a parable that my comp wrote...  it's in Spanish but if you understand Spanish, you'll see that its.. stupid.. haha

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