Monday, February 6, 2017

Los Comabios?????? Nahh Cayambe Todavia!!!

Ya wellll this week hit the changes..  sooo I guess I haven't finished my work here in cayambe, 6 more weeks!!  Oh well,  a veces toca en la mision.. I'm going to make the best of it and find others to come unto Christ and share this amazing message with!!

But ya.. one more change in cayambe with elder paz.. should be good..  
Well this week was a fast one..  time moves fast in the mission, and it turns out I almost have 6 months!! super crazy!!  The days are kinda slow, but then before you know it there goes a week, then a month..   but ya, really enjoying the mission.. sometimes it's really hard, especially here in cayambe, but like I heard from a great bishop once, all the problems in your mission can be solved by working a little harder, praying a little harder, studying a little harder, and loving a little more.

We were able to find a few more investigators this week, but not many with potential..we're going to work a lot with them in this transfer..  

Staying strong in my studies and loving the scriptures more each day!! Really is the best part of the day to have that time to really study and grow personally and spiritually..   I know the BoM is true!! and that  each time you read, you'll learn something from it!

Not much to report.. kinda a boring fast week, but I'll think of something more to write about next week.

Thanks for Everything 
Elder Jensen

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