Monday, February 20, 2017

Time is Flying!

Hey everyone, another week out here in the great City of Cayambe!!!  Time still flying, and this week I hit 6 months.. I mean I guess that's pretty cool.
But ya another week has passed.. we've been working hard out here, and we have some super pilas investigators.. Por Fin!!!  The Rosero Family is our saving grace for this transfer.. we found them one night contacting..  well they're our neighbors..  our house has a little courtyard thing that we enter into before the door, and they live right on the other side of the wall.. soo ya we found them last Sunday, and they were super interested, and now they have listened to like 3 lessons, and the hma came to church with her 3 kids and niece and nephew!!  The husband was at work in the flower plantations.. but luckily this was his last week to work on Sunday for a long time..  They are all super excited and the hma had a great experience this Sunday.. They are planning to come next week, and have a baptismal date for the last Saturday of this change, 18 de marzo..  We're super excited for that and hoping for the best with them!!  The other hma, didn't come this week cause of the elections.  Ecuador has a new president, and the Sunday of the elections is a little crazy.. We could only meet for 1 hour, and everyone has to vote if they have a cedula..  But ya she went to like Ibarra to vote, cause they have assigned places to vote..    
But ya this next week should be good..  we're hoping for some baptisms!!  Other than that it has been a good week..  
Pday, kinda boring, we didn't have anything planned, so as a district, we went to Ibarra to get to know that place a little.. we didn't do much there..  but ya, after that we went to KFC, which is almost as good as the KFC in the states.. 
Nice to eat something kinda familiar.. not fast food really here.. only KFC and a few more things in Quito, but super expensive..  
Oh ya, this Saturday, Elder Pas and I cooked patacones, which is made from verde, a banana looking thing.. but ya it's super popular in the coast and it's pretty good.. a little tough to master the technique but ya still good.. I'll take some pics this week.. but ya, I screwed up the batido de piña..  I was adding sugar.. but it wasn't sugar, it was salt.. classic Sam move, but hey a veces toca.. haha
Gonna try again this week and master the crap out of it;)
Ya well that's my week!!  This change is moving fast!! I had an interview with President Murphy this week and he told me it's no surprise that I'll be changing sectors this change!!  That got me excited, ready for a change, but also gonna finish my work here over these next 3/4 weeks!!  He also told Elder Crist, another Elder in my district that other than Elder Jensen, Cayambe has had a lot of mediocre missionaries in the past like 6 months, so that was pretty cool I guess ;) haha
Ya well, talk to you all next week!!
Elder Jensen
Pictures from Zone Conference for Otavalo and Imbaya Zones
Ecuador Quito North Mission Facebook Page


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