Monday, February 13, 2017

Another Week in the Mission!

Shoot another week in the mission!!! It's flyin!! Almost 6 months out here..
Well another week down in Cayambe, and still not much to report..  we're working hard everyday, and finding some new people to teach.. hopefully some with potential..  
We actually had a really cool story.. this week, on Friday like every single lesson fell.. it was a super long day, and we were feeling down.. and a little bit bored.. haha
but as we were walking down our street we saw this moving truck unloading a big armoir thing..  soo we helped them take it out of the truck.. then we pushed it inside these gates to where all the furniture was.   There we told them we had nothing to do and that we wanted to help them load everything in the house..  soo there began the fun!  They live on the second story in some apartment complex, but not like anything you'd imagine in the states..  the stairs were too skinny for the couches and the armoir and stuff, but because they had a balcony edge thing, we tied ropes around the furniture and pulled it up to the balcony that way.. pretty interesting move to be honest.  but hey we ended up having the  family listen to us the next day and they came to church Sunday, so service really does do some amazing things..  Other than that, the other investigators we have aren't really progressing..  hoping for a turn around in these weeks!! I want to finish my time in Cayambe with a baptism..
On the note of our converts.. hma Maria is losing it.. idk what's happening. she has bastante probs with her kids and husband.  But basically hasn't attended church for 4 weeks now.. we pass by every week to see what's up, and she is reading and praying everyday!  But her promise to come to church always fails.  We're gonna have to work with her a lot again in these weeks.  but hma Ana on the other hand is super active and participating.. she'll be a strong member here, and we're hoping that she can get a little calling here in the rama real soon!  
But.. ya that's about it here for that week..  Pday we went to Otavalo today to play with our zona and zona imbaya in futbol and volibol, and dodgeball..  pretty fun.. met a lot of new elders and hmas.  We have a lot of new people in these zones!! Super cool to meet new people..   a lot of the gringos are from Utah, but one brand new one who just arrived is from Florida..  they all seem pretty cool!! It'll be fun to see how these next few changes go and to meet more people in the mission..  
Ya well that's the week, I'll talk to you all next week!
Elder Jensen 

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