Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Week 2

Time is flying here in the CCM.. Crazy I’ve been here 2 weeks.. While in the moment, it seems like it is taking forever, but looking back on each day, it actually is moving so fast.  I really love my district and were all getting along real well.  It’s fun just hanging around together and helping each other out with Spanish.

 Ohhh Spanish.. still really tough.  School has been a big help with that in general, but I’m still a long way from fluent.  We finished with Cesar last week and now we have two investigators. One is Aldair, and he’s played by the same guy as Cesar, our afternoon teacher Hermano Celiz.  He’s really tough to teach because he has no basis of religion really at all.. you’d think it would be easier to teach someone like that, but he really has no idea about anything.. its like teaching a kid.. So that’s pretty tough but I’m hoping it will get better soon.  Our other investigator is Aurora.  She’s played by our morning teacher Hermana Arnau.  She also really tough.  She has a strong catholic background and likes to compare stuff to her religion.. and she likes to talk.. We ask a simple question and she goes on for like 3 minutes.. Soo with our level of Spanish, were lucky to grasp half of what she says.   of well, both very opposite types of investigators but real good prep for actual field work in Ecuador.  

 Already getting tired of the ccm.  It’s the same thing everyday and were non stop in classrooms.  minus the 30 min of meals and hour of gym its basically all day in the classroom learning español.. let’s hope it pays off!!

 Got to go to the Mexico City temple today and that was super awesome!! doing a session en español was really cool, and tough at the same.. Definitley will never forget that experience..  It’s a really cool looking temple too! I think we get to go back one more time and its next pday i believe, so I’m excited for that!

 We had a great live devotional from Provo yesterday.  Elder Chistofferson spoke along with his wife.  Sister Christofferson spoke about how we are called by the Lord to serve him, and at the same time Satan is trying so hard to make us want to go home.  "Who do you want to win?"  What makes that decision easy for me is that we know who is going to win this fight everytime... The Lord.  Of course it’s hard to leave behind friends and family, but I want to be on the winning side and do what I was called to do.. Christofferson spoke about Teaching Repentance and Baptizing Converts.. He said that repentance is our message, and that it is Christs testimony.  We need to tailor each lesson to the individual were teaching and help them to repent and overcome their individual probs.  He also said Repentance is turning to God and a change of heart to the will of God.  My favorite thing he said was a quote by President David O Mckay "it is greater to be trusted, than to be loved"   God loves us, but can he trust us?  He told us to be the kind of missionary that God, our mission president, local members, our companions and or families can trust.  Be a rule-keeping, hard-working missionary.  It was a really amazing devotional, and we have the opportunity to hear from another apostle on Sunday and next Tuesday live both times as well I believe.. Idk well find out soon.  

 Super excited for what’s to come and I miss you all!

 Con Amor,

Elder Jensen

Mexico City Temple with Elder Haslam




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