Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Offical Email

Hey guys!!
I made it!! ITs been pretty great so far.  I arrived last Tuesday and met everyone in my district that night...except my comp.. Turns out his flight got delayed like 12 hours so he came the next day at 5pm.  His name is elder Haslam and he’s from Montana! 

The food here is ok... Not the best but also not the worst.  It’s a lot of Mexican food, but they try to make like some American food so the missionaries can adjust I guess.. so it’s pretty ok.  

Our fake investigator is named cesar.  he is played by our night teacher hermano celiz.  He’s a really cool guy, but the lessons with him are rough to say the least.  We had our first lesson on like day 3, and it was all in Spanish.. which we barely know!!  but it was cool, I’ve found that I’ve been able to draw back a lot on my high school spanish knowledge, soo thanks Sra. Sosa haha.  

We didn’t get gym time or anything the first week soo that made the days feel wayyyy long! but once monday hit the days have gona a little bit smoother.  

My district is way cool and were all going to Ecuador Quito North so that makes it even better.  we get along well and the days are a blast.  There are 10 elders and 2 hermanas

Well i'm running out of time and ill try to write more next wednesday! Miss everyone, and send me emails or letters or packages!! haha

Love Elder Jensen
We’ve had some great devotionals.  k actually I’ll share one real quick.  The mtc pres is named presidente tenoriio.  He gave a really awesome devotional to the whole mtc on specific prayer.  Read in genesis when abraham sent his servant to mesopotamis to get isaac a wife.  i can’t remember the chapter but it’s in like the 20s or 30s I think.  Anyway he gave us some crazy examples of specific prayer in his life.  Like specific to the exact time.  He told a story where he was supposed to go to a nice hotel for a church meeting, and the stake pres forgot to book him a room.  it was a big holiday in mexico so there were no rooms at all.  the desk guy said to leave and that he couldn’t have a room.  after talking pres tenorio said I’m leaving to get lunch.  in exactly one hour, a man from venzuela will call and cancel his room and you can give it to me.  the man said he was crazy.  he went lunch and said the prayer that a man would call at exactly 1:15 pm.  he walked in to the hotel at like 1:12 and the guy said no one had called.  Pres tenorio said it’s not 1:15 yet is it.. then at exactly 1:15 it happened.  he got a suite for regular room price.  Such a cool story.  He taught that when we have done all we can, and then offer a specific prayer, God will answer.  Alright that’s probably enough for today..

Mexico CCM (MTC)

MTC District


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