Wednesday, September 21, 2016


It officially feels like I’ve been here my whole life!!! It’s been a pretty slow week here and super ready just to leave already.. the routine is like the same everyday so that kinda stinks but it’s been a fun week.. 

I just want to go to Ecuador soooo bad..  It gets to a point here where it just gets too repetitive, and I’m bored with class allllll day.. sure it helps.. but im still bored with it. Lessons are good and stressful.. We’ve had consistent lessons this week with aurora.. all really good, and aldair lessons have progressed.  We taught aldair yesterday and it may have been the best lesson we’ve ever had.. we just threw out all the lessons for a one lesson and really just talked about faith and repentance.  We taught out of the first 8 verses in Enos.  He said it was a really good lesson and that we’ve come a long way from our last lesson.   so that was a really awesome experience.  It feels awesome when you can get your point across and they can actually understand... only can get better from here though! 

Mexican independence was last week and that was really fun.. We had real Mexican food and watched a big presentation of like Mexican dance through the ages.. that was cool, but also they all looked kinda the same soo it felt like the same dance for like 1 1/2 hours..  There were a lot of fireworks that night, but not as much as I was expecting.. 

 Pretty routine week so far, so not much out of the ordinary has happened..  but I do have a cool experience.. kinda weird though.. sooo in the dorms we have random times where the water turns off in the whole building so we can’t shower use the bathroom brush our teeth, etc..  It’s pretty annoying sometimes.. Well I got caught up doing stuff, and kinda forgot, and let’s just say.. we couldn’t flush.. 😑.  sooo that was both funny and kinda weird but we had ppl who needed to shower and we had to flush that toilet.. haha.. soo we remembered the specific prayer devotional from like week one and decided we should try it.. So we got everyone in our house together (me, haslam, ericksen, dougherty, emmelkamp,and gehring) and we said a specific prayer.. I said it first, but we decided it wasn’t specific enough cause we just asked for it to turn on at 10:15..  So when that didn’t work, ericksen said it saying everything we needed to do, that it would turn on by 10:21 by his watch that the water would work.. We all believed it would work, so when 10:21 hit, we all ran in and tried to turn on the sink, but it didn’t work..  but we kept trying and by like the last few seconds of 10:21 on his watch, it started to drip out the faucets.. we tried the shower and it started dripping too.. Over the next like 3 minutes, all the water came back in the building.. I know it was kinda silly, but our prayer was totally answered.. real awesome experience.. 

 Well that’s about all that happened to me this week..

Not much else to report I’ll try to send out a  bigger email next week.. and I’ll take more pics next week
Elder Jensen

Having fun with my the district!


this is me and hermano celiz, who was both cesar and aldair.

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