Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Half Way Done!!!

Feels like forever here already!! haha.

Well not much happened this week.. still working on the language and getting better at teaching.

Went to the temple again today and this was a lot better experience.. a lot easier doing stuff in Spanish this time.. Honestly one of the coolest temples I’ve seen
Long week but its been pretty awesome!  not much crazy has happened cause basically each day is the same.. 
our two investigators couldn’t be more opposite! Aurora is soo receptive of our message and she does her hw and more.. she always has ?´s prepared about stuff we taught last time and is really engaged.. all our lessons with her are really good.  Aldair is a much different story.. He’s not interested but keeps inviting us back.. (not like he has a choice tho haha) but ya he never reads and give like 2 word answers.. after our lessons with him we basically get wrecked by feedback... idk, I’d probably be a lot more discouraged if our lessons with aurora weren’t going so well. 
Not much happened this week, but we did have service this Monday..  basically a ton of missionaries met outside the tienda, and I’m talking like almost 40.. it was like 70 % Latino and the rest like just our district.. This guy on a bike told us to follow him and he took off.. we started out walking until Elder Baumgartner ran back yelling to us to run or we won’t do service.. so our district ran and the Latinos walked... we get to the place and waited for the rest to arrive.. when we got there, he separated us from the Latinos.. we thought it was so there would be a Spanish group and an English group for better understanding of what task we would do,  but it turns out the whole time the man was saying first district to get there would be exempt from service  because they obeyed him.. 

Pretty sure the Latinos hate us cause after we learned that we all started to cheer!  haha, I guess those who obey are blessed haha..

We had some cool devos this week from Provo, Sunday was M Russell Ballard, and Tuesday was Quentin L Cook.. Both really awesome and made me super excited to go to Ecuador. I’ll share some things from both real quick.. In elder Ballards he talked about a lot of things, but one thing that stood out a lot was that if we have faith and trust in the Lord, then there will be nothing that will stop the progress of the Lords work.   One other thing that I really liked was that while we are on our mission, not only will we come to know God and Jesus Christ, but our savior will come to know us as well! really cool promise.  Elder Cook´s was really awesome, and probably my favorite of the three we had.  he talked a lot about D&C 31.. really good short chapter about missionary work.. he told us that he was part of the missionary committee that put together PMG (Preach My Gospel) and he told us that Pres Hinckley wanted the lessons to be non-memorizable so we had to learn and understand the doctrine.. that’s why PMG works so well.  He told us about the 4 Loves of a mission: 1. Love your companion- you can always learn something from them; 2. Love the people- respect them and their traditions and culture, they´re God´s children too and were there to serve them and bring them to Him; 3. Love your mission president- Elder Cook said that often times missionaries are chosen for specific missions b/c they want them to be with a specific missionary pres.. really cool thing to hear and I’m excited to meet pres Murphy!; & 4. Love the Lord- he’s done everything for us, and we’re here for a short time to help him!

really great message and he ended with his testimony that on our missions we’ll have very sacred, personal spiritual experiences that shouldn’t be shared at every opportunity.. He told us that he’s had many of these experiences that he wouldn’t share with us, but testified to us that he has heard the Lord´s voice and seen his face!! that was such an amazing testimony, and made me super excited to get to Ecuador!
Well that’s about it this week! Love to hear from you all and I’ll talk to yall next week!

Elder Jensen

left something out... soo this week is Mexican Independance day.. soo usually everynight its pretty loud here in Mexico, with fireworks and sirens and this weird talking street sweeper at like 3 am, but the nights of the 15/16/17 apparently are crazy.. we’ve been told that we won’t get any sleep those nights.. especially since we got jipped and stay in dorms when there’s a ton of casas on the property.  the dorms are right next to the wall of the ccm sooo there really is no chance of sleep... also on the 15th they do some fiesta thing with real Mexican food so that should be really cool! well that’s about it.. looking forward to that.


 here’s what my room looks like.. we're in a little apartment with two other companionships, this is just our room in the whole thing.

the Mexican candy bars in the tienda as well as the juice there is flippin amazing!! I get one like everyday with our card allowance of 100 pesos a week!

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