Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Time has flown by here in the CCM!! and I’m super excited  to get to Ecuador!! we leave on Tuesday at 1:30 am and fly to Bogota Colombia, then on to Quito! really excited and ready to get outta here.. 

We had our last few lessons with aldair and aurora this week.  We’ve a lot better at teaching and I feel a lot more confident in my Spanish now, but still far away from fluent.. 

Sad news though, one of the hermanas in our district decided to go home last week on Thursday so that was pretty tough on us as a district, and really tough on her compañera hermana larsen.. she ended up having to move to a different zone and district..  

Not much else has happened though..  just prepping to leave.. we had to pack everything to day to weigh it and stuff before we head out.. that was fun..    ish..  

just a lot of goofing around and learning all day..  I hope were well prepared for the field.. We’ve put in a lot of effort and I hope it all pays off.. hoping the language comes to me well out there..

Excited for general conference in a few days.. if you guys don’t already, I challenge you to take notes on each talk you watch.. I’ve found that in each devotional I’ve heard down here, I’ve gained so much more when I take notes and it’s been a huge help for me... soo ya really excited for that!

not much else.. just getting ready to leave..

well, that’s about it.. I’m sure next week will have a lot more stuff to talk about.. but as of now I’m just stoked to be out here and I’m ready to go!  

con amor

Elder Jensen

New Haircut

i'm good with it.. at the hair place, the lady sais  dos, tres, o cuatro.. I said cuatro, but basically got a dos.. there were two ladies cutting hair.. the one I had I think cuts to her preference.. the other lady left it really long on top for everyone else, but I'm fine with it.. its currently too short to spike up in the front but oh well, I think it still looks pretty ok


 we totally rigged up a sweet bench press on night! haha

our district con Pres De Oyos

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