Monday, December 12, 2016

Two more Weeks of Training!

Fast week this week, and I have a feeling this next week will be even faster!!
It's been pretty good, we found a few more investigators and are working with the ones we have mucho rn to possibly have a baptism in this cambio!  
The days are starting to be a little faster.. really excited for this next change, and to finish my training!
Tomorrow we get to go to Quito for our Christmas dinner with President Murphy!! We're with Zona Imbaya so that should be fun.. We leave early in the morning and leave Quito at like 4.. so it's basically Almuerzo Navideña..  But ya that will be fun..  just 2 more weeks of this cambio..   
OK something really cool.. or kinda cool..  cool to me at least..  in the CCM we watched an old Provo MTC devo from Elder Holland and this week in zone mtng we talked about it..  I really like this devo a lot, and if you guys have time look it up..  It's from 2012, provo mtc devo..  basically he talks about Christ when he returned to his apostles after his death and told them to feed his sheep..  there's a lot of symbolism in that phrase and as missionaries we are doing this everyday... but what I like a lot about this experience is that his apostles, after his death went back to what they knew.. after so much time with the Savior, they didn't know what to do when he was gone so they went fishing..  Christ asked them 3 times "do you love me?" and 3 times he responded, feed my sheep..  Elder Holland said, this is not just a calling for 2 years and then return to your old life and do stupid things or not live this gospel, its a calling forever... feed my sheep forever..  I really like this a lot and probably did a bad job explaining cause I don't have my notes or anything rn, but look it up and read it!!  Elder Holland always has great talks and this is one of my favorite!

Well that's my spiritual thought of the week..  today we went to Otavalo to play futbol with the zone and zona imbaya..  Hey turns out I suck at soccer.. like really bad..  basically every time I touch the ball I screw it up..  everyone's like ahh Elder Jensen Vamos!!  haha  it's funny.. they're all like trying to help me score a goal and I always mess it up..  haha..  but hey it's still really fun to play with them..  this week we have intercambios with the zone leaders again. so I'll be with Elder Fierro..  That should be good and the saturday we have la fiesta Navideña de Rama, ward Christmas party..  gonna be a good week!
Well that's about it, talk to you all next week!
Elder Jensen

Photos from Ecuador Quito North Mission Facebook Page
Conferencia Navidena con las Zonas de Imbaya y Otavalo
Christmas Conference with the areas of Imbaya and  Otavalo
December 13, 2016



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