Monday, December 19, 2016

Feliz Navidad!!!

It's Christmas time, Christmas time is here!
Merry Christmas everybody!! o feliz Navidad!
It's been a good week.. mas o menos..  we've been focusing a lot on one hermana we've been teaching, hermana maria cacuango!! We finished the lessons with her and are going to have a baptism this Saturday.. if everything works out!  Only need the baptism interview and if she feels ready.   So really excited for this!!
She is really the only investigator who is progressing rn, but should be a good week!
We had the ward Christmas party on Saturday and it was good.  A lot of people came and we just had a talent show.. some pretty funny skits and I really like our little rama!  Sometimes it's tough, and it really should be a ward but little by little!
Excited for this next weekend!  We should have some fun things planned with the members here for both days, and then to talk with the fam of course on Christmas day!!  First Christmas in the mish and should be a good one!

We had our Christmas dinner with the president this Tuesday and it was really fun!!  We were together with the imbaya zone so I got to see some familiar faces and speak English for a little ;)  It was super fun and we ate turkey.. so that made up for the crappy Thanksgiving.. haha awesome food and then we had a gift exchange thing..  we were in this big circle and president read this book.. so every time he said the word "star" we passed the gift to the left until he finished the book..   Soo it was all intense and stuff, then he finishes the story and started to ad lib..  I had this big present, and then he said star and passed to the left again..  soo I was like ok whatever.. I open it, and it's a little otavaleño girl doll..  basically I got the cutest present in the whole party..   I have no idea what I'm gonna do with it haha..  but ya a really fun day!  Really hoping for a great week this week and possibly a baptism!!
alright everyone, that's all for this week and Merry Christmas!! I'll send pics next week!

Elder Jensen

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