Saturday, November 5, 2016

Uno Mes en ECUADOR

Hey everyone

Soo  this week has gone by pretty quick! We've been pretty busy with lessons this week with our investigators as well as the flippin tons of menos activos here..  if we had all the menos activos here come to church we'd probably be a ward.. or even 2.. its pretty crazy, but hey that's all of south america as I've been told.. 
Basically this week the biggest struggle has been the language..  I feel like I know a lot of words and talking with Elder Aliaga I can get my point across and we can communicate pretty well.. but with other people, they either choose not to understand me cause I'm white, or really can't understand me.. I think it's both.. I understand my accent is a problem right now soo that's a major part of it..  it's pretty frustrating in lessons when I'll say something and they'll just stare at me and look at Aliaga who says the exact same thing and they can understand him but hey I guess that's just part of the learning process..  
We've found a few new investigators, hopefully with potential! Uno de ellos es se llama Alexandra Cuadros.. We met her last saturday after our pday at a ward activity..  we've taught her like 3 - 4 times and she it really receptive.. the problem is they are moving soon and she doesn't know where, so there's a good chance she could move into the other elders sector, and we'll have to transfer her but hey as long as she gets baptised haha
the other is ericka inlago.. she as well has been very receptive so were hoping to have a productive sabbath tmrw with lots of asistencias..  
Starting to realize how beautiful ecuador is.. we have that sweet volcano cayambe that's visible basically everywhere and it's always covered in snow.. we're gonna try to climb it next pday if we can make it over there.  the mountains are really awesome and we have a lot of the fields here in caymabe soo its really green every where


This last week was the dis de los muertos... so we didn't have all that much success the last few days cause everyone is in the cemetaries paying their respects to their family members.. something special about this time of year is the food.. they make this thing called colada morada which is.. well idk how to explain it.. it's not bad, and it's a warm drink, but the thing is sooo flippin sweet and they give like 2 big cups of it everywhere for free soo we have to drink and I just feel like crap after..  look it up.. one cup is really good!!   also look up pan de guagua   another specialty for this time of year.
Pan De Gagua
Ecuadorian Bread Babies - It is a traditional Ecuadorian custom to have these breads, along with a purple corn and fruit drink called Colada Morada, on November 2nd for the Day of the Deceased.  The holiday is meant to honor the memory of relatives and friends who have passed away
Well that's been about it this week.. we went to otavalo today to play futbol with some other elders in our zone and the zone imbaya.. so that was pretty fun!  well next week we don't have a Saturday pday so I'll be writing on Monday in like 9 days..  

Thanks for all the emails this week tambien!!
Love Elder Jensen

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