Monday, November 14, 2016

I Survived... First Transfer and CUI

Hello all

Well it's official..  I've made it through one transfer here in Ecuador..  6 Weeks!!!!!   Basically 3 months in so far... that means I'm almost done right?  Only 14 transfers more... or 21 months...  hahaha..  nah it's been pretty good..  

This last week we had 3 intercambios (when we switch with the other elders in our district for a day).. that was really awesome..  Tuesday I was with Elder Sejas..  and Friday with Elder Molina..  I really enjoy those opportunities because it's really nice to see how other missionaries work..  In my training I've basically only seen how one elder operates, so these types of opportunities are awesome and I really learned a lot in those days..  Wednesday, we did intercambios with our zone leaders, so Elder Aliaga went to Otavalo to work with Elder Fierro and I stayed in our sector with Elder Purtill..  Yep I got to speak English for a day 😎  haha..  no that actually helped a lot because I could ask a lot of questions about words and other things that I can't really get across in Spanish to the other elders..  so ya that was a 24 hour change and the others were 12 hours..  being here in our sector meant I had the opportunity to lead us through it basically and take the initiative every time which I think really helped me so ya that was really awesome..  

This last week, teniamos bastante lluvia aqui en Cayambe!  the other day, it rained soo much.. and the drops were massive!!! then like 10 min into it, it started to hail a lot! pretty big too so that was pretty cool..  

Hail Stones on the Street

Well remember last Saturday when I said we were hoping for a really productive Sunday? Well it actually was pretty bad since none of them showed.. we called everyone of them and they all had an excuse which sucked..   but this last Sunday, erik inlago came which was awesome!  We're really hoping for a baptism this transfer..  on Saturday, the other elders baptized a family that has been receiving the lessons for like 3 transfers so 4 1/2 months!  but that was really cool to see.. We were asked to give a talk on enduring to the end...   I had all this stuff prepared and then they cut me off like 3 min into it...  so that was pretty funny  actually..   Well que mas....  we have a new investigator who is progressing.. his name is guillermo... pero the huge problem with him is that he works like basically every other Sunday so it's really hard to get his schedule clear for church.. he has some desires to progress and is really interested but that's his big problem..  also he has a pretty bad speech impediment so as a white boy who can barely understand clear Spanish, its flippin tough, but hey I'm getting there.. I've been told that he speaks like the people in the coast, but not on purpose..  apparently the ppl at the coast speak with speech impediments on purpose basically..  just the culture there, its really sloppy Spanish and here and at Quito it's pretty clear.  so kinda glad I'm here to learn, and hoping to make a lot of progress this transfer..  

Ok, well today, we ate cui...  yep, guinea pig..   I was pretty excited but it wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be..  it's really salty and super tough to eat, plus filled with the little bones which makes it tough to eat but definitely not bad..    well that's basically it for these last 9 days..  

CUI (Guinea Pig)


oh and we have pday from now on Monday..  It's not changing back to Saturday soo I'll talk to you all next Monday.


Elder Jensen

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