Monday, November 21, 2016

Short and Sweet!

Hello everyone!!
Well I'm in my next transfer and this week was really hard!! We have all these investigators and none of them really want to progress?  So that's been pretty tough..  pretty uneventful week this week.. we've been shut down a lot and a lot of our lessons haven't worked out so lots of rescheduling and rescheduling.. 

We have hope for one but idk en verdad.. 
I ate a chicken foot from the street and that was kinda weird, but not bad.. 
that was probably the most eventful thing of the week!
Been enjoying my studies everyday..  it's been nice to read the B of M and really think about it, cause hey its actually pretty cool!  I've said this before, but this was probably the first time I've read it with real intent, and really enjoyed it!!  I started it over again last transfer and I'm in Mosiah..  Only been reading a little bit each day cause I've been using my study time to study P my G as well which is really helpful!!

Well that's all I've really done this week, kinda frustrating..  really hoping for a better week! I'm progressing with the language, little by little, hoping to be sufficient after this change, but we'll see!

Listo pues, I really love hearing from people so write me!! Thanks!
Elder Jensen
I have pics, but I can't send them cause this is a dumb computer so I'll be sure to send them next week!
Photos from Ecuador Quito North facebook page - Mini Zone Conference for Ibarra, Imbabura, Imbaya and Otavalo Zones


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