Monday, November 28, 2016

Almost 100 Days!!! Full Trunkee

Well I've been out for 3 months.. almost 2 in the field.. almost 100 days!!! fulll trunkee hahaha..
It's been good this week. We had a lot more success in finding and connecting with our investigators which was cool..  We had a tour of the chapel with one them se llama Guillermo.. he has bastante potencial and is progressing a lot..  but he didn't come to church after expressing his desires to be baptized and go to the temple.. super frustrating!  We called him the morning of like an hour before and he didn't answer.. idk que paso..  
Today was a fun pday.. we met up with our zone and had a water balloon fight!  At one point all the elders ganged up on me and tackled me, then the rest pored buckets of water on me.. super fun and we got to ride back to cayambe wet!! haha.. soo ya a really fun day.. 

Thanksgiving was this week.. and we did absolutely nothing.. just a normal day..  I took a pic of the food I ate that day.. the usual.. rice, meat, some vegetable, and moooore rice..  pretty much I hate rice now..  I thought I'd begin to like it , but they just pile it on the plate for every meal and give us a tiny piece of meat..  

These last two weeks have gone by very fast!  and I think this week will too.. on friday we have a 4 zone conference in Otavalo to meet with Elder Montoya, an area 70..  That should be fun.. This last week we had one with the same four zones in Ibarra to prep for this conf.. so that was fun, always fun to meet new missionaries and speak english a lil bit..  Turns out the group that is just ahead of us, who's finished their training 2 weeks ago, well 5 of them are trainers now!! E Morton, who's one of them, told me he thinks this is goin to be a new thing with Pres Murphy..  E Aliaga keeps telling me I'm gonna be a trainer or a district leader, and I'm like...  what..  haha.. Hoping my spanish progresses..  I don't think I'm gonna be anything this next transfer, but this training program is designed to make the next group ready to be trainers, soo if I get called I hope I can do my best..  buutttt I still have 4 weeks until this..  

Our last pday of this change, we're climbing the Nevado Cayambe.. The other elders in our district are planning, basically we take a truck up to the base and hike like an hour to the point of the snow, soo I'm excited for that..  it's super expensive, so we're planning out a group of like 10 missionaries.. But basically this month of december should be full rapido.. we have a lot of things planned out, like a Christmas dinner in Quito with our mission pres.. each zone goes for one night so we'll find out when we go this friday!! 

Well that's my week basically..  Hoping for more success.. especially with guillermo.. Please pray for him.. we really want to baptize him this transfer, but if not we hope, well that he'll be baptized in any transfer..  

muchas gracias por las cartas electronicos
  hasta luego
Elder Jensen

My Thanksgiving Dinner - Rice and more Rice


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